Glass doll

by wonders1

I feel like I’m being dragged on the dirty, cracked, and uneven floor by this love.

The way you pull my emotions like this I must not be real.

I hear the joy come from your lips again.

Oh, guys are happy aren’t you but why am I not.

I feel as though your love is suffocating me someone times I can’t breathe.

This loves it’s dragging me like I am a glass doll.

I don’t know when or how long I can hold on to you before I break.

I’ll shatter on this floor I’m always looking down on.

Maybe it’s pretty this way.

Me broken.



By Wonders 1

I prefer the summer warmth then the winter cold.

I will cherish the bitterness but wish for summer warmth to come.

Will summer hurry up and come because this coldness is heartbreaking.

Summer warmth I can’t wait for you to come.


By Wonders 1

Today is beautiful because everyday I am with the people I love

My family that helps me, that encourage me, and love me

Everyday is a good day when I  am with them

Even if I might not see it that way sometimes

I am most happy when they are close by everyday


By Wonders 1

Your embrace was warm, loving ,and made me feel safe.

I just wish that I could give you the same.

How can you simply hold me  and make me feel special?

Your warm embrace is something I will never forget.

Sad love

By Wonders 1

Saying goodbye was always the last words I wanted to say to you.

Your bright smile that warmed me , calmed me , and  that said I love you made me so happy.

I would always find ways to make us talk longer even when the night crowded us.

I was more then happy whenever I saw you but life got in our way didn’t it.

I told you before that I hated our sad love but I love every second and every heart beating moment we were together.

I love you my sad love forever.

Save me

By wonders 1

Save me

from you the man in the black coat

Save me

from my heart that wants you I know this is wrong but

Save me

Because you want to

Save me

from the me that I wish I wouldn’t be

I just hope that you are the one that

Saves me