Glass doll

by wonders1

I feel like I’m being dragged on the dirty, cracked, and uneven floor by this love.

The way you pull my emotions like this I must not be real.

I hear the joy come from your lips again.

Oh, guys are happy aren’t you but why am I not.

I feel as though your love is suffocating me someone times I can’t breathe.

This loves it’s dragging me like I am a glass doll.

I don’t know when or how long I can hold on to you before I break.

I’ll shatter on this floor I’m always looking down on.

Maybe it’s pretty this way.

Me broken.


Sleeping with demons

By Wonders 1

Get the hell out of my bed demon

I could feel it move around in my head but it felt too real.

There it is lying on my bed of tears.

Every drop was of the demons I couldn’t take my breath to hate.

Yes. I said those words demon.

I hate both of you but still I hold onto you as thought I don’t

It makes no sense so get the hell out of my bed.

The demons of my tears growls at me forcing me to remember

Little one he says ” I want you to think of me and always think of this pain.”

I smiled my tears on my face I wipe them away.

Demon I say ” Give me the devil instead I feed him with my venom of kindness.”

To please us both since he wasn’t going to leave just yet. I got the hell out of my bed.

” See in dreams only or thought you wish.” He says.

I know just like he it was never a dream it was always real.

I smiled at that.

I am one step ahead then I was yesterday.




By wonders1

The feeling of the unknown its crawls at my skin chilling me to the bone

Its laughs whispering my fears

I shake and move away but still it cling to me like a second skin.

Laughter I hear its getting louder and louder.

I cover my ears but still I hear  it.

My fear.

Its making it strong because it fear.

I remove my hands and look fear in the face.

Imagine my fist being a strong as a hammer, my scream roundel than its laughter

Then when it least expect it I let go.

I let go of my fear until it consume me with its chilling hate but I stand there.

I wait no matter how long I have to wait I tell myself I will win.

The fear will be gone because its power is me.

Just let go and wait I tell myself.



Wicked Smile

By wonders1


He who is filled with secrets wish to hurt his women.

He wish not to love her but suffocates her in a web of confusion.

That man who you love is smiling wickedly as he sins.

He hides all his dirty work under the pillow he lays on.

I wonder will you wake up or choose to hide your worries from the world and him.

Only at night do you decide to fear his sins.

He wish for you to never know his dark secrets

Even as he place that wicked smile on his face as he pretends that everything is alright.

When will you open your eyes  or pull up the pillow he lays on.

There its right there all his lies, sins, secrets and broken promise.

But wait  you choose to believe in his wicked smile.

You his wife place the phone back under  the pillow and pretend  once again that everything going to be alright.

Powerful women

By wonders1

She is strong, beautiful and the women of many men dreams.

She is a beauty beyond her time and warmest of heart.

She who forgives a man  who is  jealous, spoiled, and selfish and dares to love him.

She is a powerful women.

A mother of children who are grown and  knows  how to love because of her.

My mother a powerful women that I can only love with all my heart.

A powerful women that I wish to become.


I was happy

By  Wonders1

I was waiting for  him on the steps as the rain was hitting me

I was cold , alone, and happy  that was of course until you were walking beside her

I could see it in your gentle smile  you were happy.

I ran down the steps hiding stupidly because I didn’t want to see it.

The moment  he kissed her lips and wish for more or the moment  they walked inside together.

Something inside of me was shattering as the cold rain was hitting me.

I was happy until I saw  him walking with her.

Devil Wishes

By Wonders 1

I blew out my dreams tonight they seem to be too much for me.

I let the loneliness fill me while I watch others in total bliss down the street.

How I wish no love exist then maybe I’ll be happy.

I left hope on my door step as I watch cars pass me by

I saw a friend well  not a friend of mine greet me.

Oh I’m sorry I really don’t like you who always smiles at me.

No one is that happy

Tonight I blew out my dreams just as the devil wish

I guess he’ll finally be truly happy