Paen Rai Phai Rak- Thai Laklorn Review Rate 8.0



Yesterday I watched this laklorn and it was worth it. I loved that it was fully sub on you tube and off course the actors were amazing. I can say that I enjoyed the main lead and her not taking anything crap best friend those two were fun to watch. I think the show really showcased how people see each other and judge us without giving us a chance to explain.

Kemmik our main lead girl takes care of her sick mother and a useless stepfather who spending all the money. To  sum it up that  her life is working to take care of her mom but sadly life just comes with surprises.  When Kemmik  ex boyfriend is getting married to another women for her money. Of course being that bad ass person kemmik is she shows up at the wedding not to mess it up but to wish them congratulation.  There she meets her past lover P’Yai  who she hates. Later  on they tell us why but seeing the two bicker is very funny as well as her best friend meeting P’yai best friend. Let’s just say there lots of love in this drama of course with a little deception. All thanks to P’ yai overbearing mother that thinks Kemmik can be used to her betting. Kemmik refuse to mess up P’yai love life but when her mom faints and isn’t being she an alcoholic  but has cancer. Kemmik has no choice but to be apart of this scheme to make p’yai fall in love with her.


All I have to say is no matter how much money someone has they will never understand the punishment of using someone. Everyone kept pointing the finger of hating Kemmik because she had to do what needed to be done to get money at a young age.  She didn’t use sex  but just going on dates and winning the guys heart. Their the one that gave her money because she was truthful to them about her mother situation. I mean life is hard and no one is going to give you a hand out and that’s what I like about Kemmik. She still took the risk of loving P’yai even thought when he finds out she’ll be heartbroken.


Okay the rest is up to anyone out there wanting to watch something fun.



One Day Thailand Movie – I love You enough to remember this one day


A Thailand Movie that was real as it could be. When you really think of a guy that she would never be with because she to stupid or busy being a mistress is worth being with. I don’t want to spoiler it for everyone but he not a selfish guy so the ending is sweet but bitter. You could say he loved her but she will never remember that one day they spent together and it is okay. I guess when he knew that she wasn’t the same persons and she is now but wish she learns to love herself again. If your looking for a happy  relationship ending this isn’t the one but if you want to learn a life lesson of moving forward then this is a keeper. I hope everyone will give this a chances of a love that will be for just a day.

The gentlemen of Chutathep Series: Khu Chai Puttipa


This drama got a 9/10 and I agree 1oo% with everyone. I love anything from that back in the day time period drama  frame because it make you intrude with how people were. This director that did this drama has blown away my standards of good quality.

Story line :  One of the five lion son who is a doctor fall in love with the very beautiful but stubborn girl. She is a very sweet girl but her family that consist of her father is poor. She has found away to get money to pay for her dad which leads her to fall in the hand of Khun  chai.

She practically falls into his laps but that another story . Anyway Khun Chai falls in love with her at first sight and is sworn to protect her b/c he secretly is in love with her. He only hopes that he can win her heart when his aunty try to breaks them apart .

Bitter Honey: Its crazy weird but good


I’m someone who loves  watching Thai laklorn but I can admit sometimes the story line are weird. Don’t get me wrong it was good I mean Janie Tienposuwan  played in it. Anything she acts usually turn to gold. This story is a revenge drama people so if you watch it be prepared.

Story line : Childish mother name Rose breaks the heart of Purim her ex lover  and he become obsesses in his revenge on her. He uses Rose daughter Kangsardarn( Janie)  as his revenge which in theory makes no scene because he actual has feeling for her. The  daughter to me was a sad character because she had to be the mom while the mom was the daughter. So she wasn’t the normal twenty something year old but a much mature adult. Lets just say her mom drink, gamble and sleep oh and only like a man with money. I mean if that not a good mother then I don’t know what is.

I did love the bitter and conflict that Purim had within himself for the kangsardarn. It’s just I wish that it didn’t fell like he was forcing her so much rather then woo her. It would of been better to trick her into loving him  then make her believe she could trust him. Which she should of never trusted him or her stupid mother. I watch this drama a long time ago but  I remember how outrages and psychopaths women that was in love with Purim still lived with him. I mean creepy like he dose not  love you don’t you understand. Oh he  also stole his nephew women which is played by Janie. I mean that was some humiliating  stuff to be going out with a girl that you plan to marry but was in debt by your evil uncle. That was some mess up stuff but I wish the nephew would of been more mature rather then angry and found out the truth. Or even realize that he didn’t love  kangsar… whatever he name is. If I had to rate this drama it was a five and a half. Just because of the ending that was like what!!



Morrasoom Sawat Laklorn Review : Favorite MALE Actor


Weir is my most favorite male actor which is why I was excited to watch another of his drama. Its just this one wasn’t on my re watch list or on my favorite. I mean the story line was good I loved the chemistry of both main leads . Its just I wanted more of them being together rather then the misunderstanding that was going on. Which is one of the main things in the story line but I thought it was stupid in away. Because he should of figure out that she never knew that her father owed him money. There no way our little innocent kwang that was just so a wonderful being would care about money. She was like the adult while her greedy sister and father only saw money. I mean even the step mother was horrible but she was understandable in a getting the rich guy type of way. How he didn’t realize that she didn’t leave with her boyfriend ( THEY NEVER WERE TOGETHER) aboard was beyond me. Everyone knows she wouldn’t have the heart to just leave her step mother and her siblings. I mean even I couldn’t do that but her sister shore did. I never liked her but even she had a taste of reality and that money isn’t worth it. The ending was okay but I  just wish it was more but oh well.

Tawipob: A love story worth fighting for

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You can’t convince me that their no such thing  as a soulmate. This laklorn prove that and the love that Khun Lung Akaratheph had for ManeeJan. I just can’t get enough of these too and there amazing acting. I have watch this laklorn to many times to count and couldn’t get enough of it. I think every year or  so I do a marathon night and re watch it.

Manee or Maneejan keep dreaming about this strange world and of a man that call her name. With such warmth and pain from missing her telling her to come to him. It still has left a huge mark on my heart with how she loved this guy in her dream. Thinking that no other guy could compare or replace him and that her so called boyfriend isn’t the one. She even tells the guy and break up with him. Its the fact that she seriously about it and wont to be with the man in her dreams.

An so she gets what her heart desire. She is drawn to a beautiful full length mirror and buy it puting in her room. That mirror calls something in her soul and awaken the two that are destine for each other. It a portal of some kind that when she goes threw it takes her back to the past and she get to meet the man in her dreams. A very handsome Khun Lung who is more then shaken by this strange women who beauty is breathtaking but words are strange.

I think I love this laklorn so much because we got to see how the both fall deeper in love with each other. That even being apart for a couple hours brought them pain. I still remember that beautiful necklace she wore that khun Lung gave to her. She never took it off but once and started to have this panic attack missing him to much. Needed to be with him and getting the necklace back from her ex and running back home. Into the mirror to the man that had always had her heart and didn’t ever want to let go. That was the last time was really in her world.

Khun Lung to me was a man of knowledge and very stubborn but funny. He fell in love with manee and nick name her maneejan which I loved. She just made him so much alive and happy because all he ever did was try to protect his country. Of course the help of Maneejan he was able to save Thailand people and keep the love of his life.

The saddest part was when they had got married and they were bowing by the mirror. Manee mom was crying when she saw her daughter. They both went threw the mirror and she said her goodbye to her mom and they went back to their world. Lets just say Maneejan can never go back to her home but to stay in the past with the man she loves.

It was a good ending and story that won my heart over and over. In truth I think this was my second Thailand drama I had watch.  Well bye until next time.


Kiss Me: Was Amazing


It was the Thailand version of It started with a kiss but so much better. The chemistry was on the money had me loving the lead role. But come on how could you not he’s gorgeous and if you haven’t notice they stared in Full house together. It was quite funny that he knew exactly who she was but she couldn’t remember they were childhood play mates. Ah I was going back to memory lane with this one but also loved the new detail they put in here. The main girl was beautiful and she played this role well. Love the kiss scene they were reasonable and lovable  also they did this song together.