Behind your smile -He smiled because of her Episode 10

Damo was overreacting about our main lead finding out his little secret. He knew that she was going to be the death of him so he didn’t want her to know but please he did.The moment she found out about him being her savior hr could kiss his ice heart goodbye. She didn’t even freak out but took it like I would. I really like the way that our main lead girl is winning boss heart all over again. Gosh  that smile is just to beautiful to pass. I do feel that boss was right about his farm brother state of mind. I mean there was no way he could understand the need to hold onto something that others made it easy for him. Poor boss I love him more because he is honest about his revenge.It is kind of bad when the main lead girl likes the guy that wants to send her Mom to prison. Hey a sad love story is okay with me as long as it becomes a happy love story in the end. 


Behind Your Smile -Close Your eyes for Ten mintutes

behind-your-smile-fausts-smilefaust It was the best ten minutes  for me because  he( Boss)  could truly look at her all he wanted. Man do I love this first lead  who  will protect our innocent and nice  girl. I really like the way they help each other  out even if its just ridding a bike to eat  breakfast with one another. I find the I like you but or do you like me to be the best thing for this series. I like the way their relationship is played out and even the second lead getting the courage to leave his first crush. Its like waiting for heaven to match our pairs but also to let go of their pain.

Easy Fortune Happy Life!!!! A re watched one


This is a classic and romantic drama. That tell you that kindness is the best thing a human being can have. I for one love the character of Yang Dang Feh played by Lang Cheng Long was true to someone that was never given the love he desired as a kid. The poor thing became a lone wolf that never fit in with his pack of wolves. In this drama its the grandfather  broken promise to Fu An grandma that get those two together.  Giving Fu An 80 million dollars which is the company to however marries her. Watching the twist and true and blossoming of love between Yan Dan and Fu An is beautiful.

Oh the hot and our second main lead who I wish had a girl is Roy Qiu. I just wish there was more time with him then liking some one that wasn’t his since the begging. Quite sad but I liked this drama for its clear story line and the selfishness human can be with money and regret in hurting the ones they  love.


Sweet Sweet Body Guard

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Military Father who expect his daughter to be more like a man. He wants her to the best bodyguard there is and nowhere never a girl who falls in love. But Ai-Jia has other things in plan and she practically kidnaps the man child Zhong -Qi. Those to together bicker and dislike each other because of a twist of fate Ai-Jia has to be his bodyguard. If your looking for comedy, women who can kick some butt and amazing  grandma this is for you. Their love story is quite refreshing and it shows that  he okay with her in the lead. Just wants her to know that she can be a women to. I had fun with this Taiwanese drama  just because of the new friends Ai- Jia meets that gives us so much comic relief. Bless her heart but even she finds herself falling in love with a scheme of her own. I enjoy this drama just wish the last couple episode didn’t make our main lead so stupid. But hey you can’t get everything in a show right?


Summer Desire: Who Remembers This Addictive Drama

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To me this was one those if you dare to watch drama. I am a fan of barbie hsu  so you had me at the cast and then you bring in peter ho and it a wrap. It strange that I loved the bad guy to the point of routing for him even thought he was poison to our main lead. It just happens because the chemistry was to dame spicy and hot then peter ho time with her. To me it was like give in to this guy but I did have my moment where it made alot of sence why she picked who she picked. It was just what the hell but your heart saws one thing and your body says another.


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The way he ( Xia Ming  played as luo xi ) kisses is just hold on to something and fall in  love with the devil for a day.

Peter ho did his character with a due respect it. This drama wouldn’t have been worth the climax without him I just wanted more chemistry and not so much pain of the past mistake. I mean they were young when they meet and you are prone to hurt the person you love if your scared to take their offer hand.

I will re watch this drama to give more reviews. I kinda forgot about this one but I remember using my Christmas break years ago to watch this one.




Just You Taiwanese Drama: Love just appears

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As always Aaron Yan wins my heart and grab my attention. He just knows how to pull off his character and make you drown in his love. Puff Guo  played as Cheng Liang was adorable, stubborn and funny to be the one that awaken Qi Yi broken heart and fill him with love. I knows this is a 2013 drama but it worth the watch. Sometimes you need a more basic story line to bring out the best of the characters. I really felt that love just appeared for cheng Liang and it was one of the best gift to be given.

Down with love Review


Yesterday and today I re watch this drama. It’s one of my all time favorites just because the liking someone was so well felt. You know we(viewers) understand that one sided   love can be bitter sweet but it can be beautiful to. It’s the fact that finding Someone  that make you happy is one and a million but its what you do with that love that make it beautiful.  I wish that our second lead and the ex girlfriend didn’t play with our main leader heart. It was just heartbreaking but also it shows that maybe waiting isn’t always the best thing. That telling someone the truth about how you feel is okay and can warm their hearts up. As usual I wish all the other character didn’t take so much time away from out main leads. But its a wish that not going to happen the ending was good. Its just did the older sister ever find love?  Other then that it was a good show to watch if you want to smile all the time at looking at hot Jerry Yan. Also if you just want to watch a relation ship blossom and misunderstanding clear up replace with laughter. This is the show for you as usual Taiwanese drama never fails me.