Father Is Strange Thoughts on Episodes 41&42

After all the children find out the truth I wish Min Young and Joon Hee opening be together. Since the both of them have been pushing and pulling their feeling for each other even thought its going to be hard. This week episode showed the possibility but it was wreck by the people in their lives who cause them pain. I didn’t have English sub for episode 42 but I was thinking what kind of director cause conflict with their lead actor. I mean blurting out his personal life to all to hear it didn’t make sense to me. The director practical help embrace their feelings in the previous episode the lip gloss kiss for one.  Any way I want Min Young to just move out and live alone because her parents cause too much problems for the man she likes to be able to function in this world. If this show doesn’t showcase how bad it is to lie than I don’t know what does.


P.s:  I think it would be a good time for her to grow as a person and not feel like the leftover if she moved out. I mean their just too many people in her house to feel like everything okay when the news break especial her feeling towards our victim.


I love Joon Hee script I mean the words he say are so true and emotional. Not many actors can act that well and I’ve watch a lot of dramas Lee Joon better get an award.


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