To be a better Man Chinese Drama


One word to describe this drama is Finally. For once this could happen in real life I mean from episode one to the last episode it was worth it. There was a truth about love, guilt, helping others and meeting new people. This has to be one of my must watch Tv series because it shows that humans aren’t perfect. That life is so hard and unpredictable but so sweet and loving at the same time.

I really didn’t want main lead guy to be with his ex again it just was never in my hopes.  I love that it gave me what I wanted and she did marry his best friend because they love each other. It did hurt to see that and understand that loving someone doesn’t always mean we have to forget them to move on. That we just have to let go of them in the way we hope we could be together. Its like I’ll always remember this warm love in my heart but we can live without each other. To me the main lead wasn’t a bad guy he just hated himself but don’t we all some times. It took him awhile to understand his past decisions and to forgive himself.  Which is one of the many reasons why I’ll encourage you to watch this drama. It wasn’t just about him it was the people he met on the way and the family he was given. It was a beautiful gifts to watch and of course he did find his love interest. Someone I was happy for him to be with. I hope you watch to find out who.



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