Let’s talk : Screaming in hell

Screaming in hell refers to my life right now. It feels like I’m repeatedly looking at hell itself and screaming in the inside of my soul. Let me tell you why?


There is  a villain in my house that will always sadly be there. He sticks around like he dose nothing the fuck wrong people. It can drive any sane person crazy but the brain is a funny thing. The villain doesn’t believe he a damn villain. What kind of mess up world I live in. Its almost funny in away because the villain pretends to be a hero in other people eye instead of the family that he made. Wow. Saying this fell pretty good for someone like me.

The hell I’m screaming in will at least listens to me with its evil laughter because he’ll love my pain. This is much better then what I go through now. The villain he’ll never listen. Never! I don’t know how someone can be that selfish to the point of no return people but the villain is. I guess that what makes him a villain in my eye because even now he believe everything okay.  That nothing is his fault  but it is. Everything. I’m screaming in hell but I don’t believe I’m alone.


The question of the day is are you screaming in hell?


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