Hyukoh Music means to me





It takes me away and calms me down. Its hope that’s cover up in a sweet chocolate bar

waiting to be unwrap.  An I love chocolate so why not enjoy those that understand me

the most. Their music will never be what company music would want them to do.

That’s what makes them special. Their not using us but doing whatever the hell

they want. I love guys that can be bad ass and  goof balls so the band is a gift from the

heavens. Their music is different but the good kind of different because you’ll never get

bored of it. Trust me I even listen to their first album too many times and still want more.

Listening to Hyukoh means the sun is loving you and its time to let loose and enjoy.

Hyukoh is telling us all to get ready and enjoy this mess up world we live in with funny

tattoos and amazing music.


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