Wicked Smile

By wonders1


He who is filled with secrets wish to hurt his women.

He wish not to love her but suffocates her in a web of confusion.

That man who you love is smiling wickedly as he sins.

He hides all his dirty work under the pillow he lays on.

I wonder will you wake up or choose to hide your worries from the world and him.

Only at night do you decide to fear his sins.

He wish for you to never know his dark secrets

Even as he place that wicked smile on his face as he pretends that everything is alright.

When will you open your eyes  or pull up the pillow he lays on.

There its right there all his lies, sins, secrets and broken promise.

But wait  you choose to believe in his wicked smile.

You his wife place the phone back under  the pillow and pretend  once again that everything going to be alright.


Powerful women

By wonders1

She is strong, beautiful and the women of many men dreams.

She is a beauty beyond her time and warmest of heart.

She who forgives a man  who is  jealous, spoiled, and selfish and dares to love him.

She is a powerful women.

A mother of children who are grown and  knows  how to love because of her.

My mother a powerful women that I can only love with all my heart.

A powerful women that I wish to become.