Paen Rai Phai Rak- Thai Laklorn Review Rate 8.0



Yesterday I watched this laklorn and it was worth it. I loved that it was fully sub on you tube and off course the actors were amazing. I can say that I enjoyed the main lead and her not taking anything crap best friend those two were fun to watch. I think the show really showcased how people see each other and judge us without giving us a chance to explain.

Kemmik our main lead girl takes care of her sick mother and a useless stepfather who spending all the money. To  sum it up that  her life is working to take care of her mom but sadly life just comes with surprises.  When Kemmik  ex boyfriend is getting married to another women for her money. Of course being that bad ass person kemmik is she shows up at the wedding not to mess it up but to wish them congratulation.  There she meets her past lover P’Yai  who she hates. Later  on they tell us why but seeing the two bicker is very funny as well as her best friend meeting P’yai best friend. Let’s just say there lots of love in this drama of course with a little deception. All thanks to P’ yai overbearing mother that thinks Kemmik can be used to her betting. Kemmik refuse to mess up P’yai love life but when her mom faints and isn’t being she an alcoholic  but has cancer. Kemmik has no choice but to be apart of this scheme to make p’yai fall in love with her.


All I have to say is no matter how much money someone has they will never understand the punishment of using someone. Everyone kept pointing the finger of hating Kemmik because she had to do what needed to be done to get money at a young age.  She didn’t use sex  but just going on dates and winning the guys heart. Their the one that gave her money because she was truthful to them about her mother situation. I mean life is hard and no one is going to give you a hand out and that’s what I like about Kemmik. She still took the risk of loving P’yai even thought when he finds out she’ll be heartbroken.


Okay the rest is up to anyone out there wanting to watch something fun.



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