Pretty Li Hui Zhen Chinese Version of She was pretty – I’ll give it a 8.3 rating



Why do I always like the second lead guy chemistry better then the main lead? I blame it on the writers and the actors for being to lovable. For me I personally think that Lin Yi Mu( Second lead guy) is perfect for our  thoughtful, fun., heart strong, and sweet Li Hui Zhen but she doesn’t think so. I can get that to but when watching this weeks episode I have that what if thoughts. You know its all on her face when she realize that the second lead really likes her. Like is she stupid or something because deep down she wan’t their brother and sister playfulness to not end. It is quite sad on that part but you can’t do that to second leads broken heart. I for one had lost all hope even at episode 34 on her best friend that her parents love. Like come on she is still not in the safe mark for me even if everything looks okay on the outside. I get you feel bad about what you did but she could of been stop all this mess from happening.

Another thing that I love about this show is that the main lead has always and still is in love with out main lead girl. It just makes sense that he would walk pass the normal girl and look towards the super skinny model. I mean guys do have their mess up dream lover wish which mess all the normal girls out there. Anyway I find his personality to be sometimes boring because I want him to scream and shout with excitement. Then again I love his calm and mature self that will take care of our main lead girl. She really does need someone to love her so she can stop being a pretend mom to her best friend. It’s kind of sad but that’s what she was to her at least in my point of view.

I rate this drama a 8.3 since we are only at the middle of the ending point. I really want out main lead girl to look like her old self but with a little taste of fashion. To me she is too beautiful that it sometimes doesn’t seem real at all. I think they well fingers cross and I hope you watch this drama.


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