Behind your smile -He smiled because of her Episode 10

Damo was overreacting about our main lead finding out his little secret. He knew that she was going to be the death of him so he didn’t want her to know but please he did.The moment she found out about him being her savior hr could kiss his ice heart goodbye. She didn’t even freak out but took it like I would. I really like the way that our main lead girl is winning boss heart all over again. Gosh  that smile is just to beautiful to pass. I do feel that boss was right about his farm brother state of mind. I mean there was no way he could understand the need to hold onto something that others made it easy for him. Poor boss I love him more because he is honest about his revenge.It is kind of bad when the main lead girl likes the guy that wants to send her Mom to prison. Hey a sad love story is okay with me as long as it becomes a happy love story in the end. 


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