In you came By Wonders 1 story

Chapter One: Fate Plan

I met her my love. I couldn’t believe it that I  Damon L. Harris fell in love at first sight. I thought happily just for a little bit but then  I remembered that I did nothing about it. I let her walk passed  me  while  I got in my car letting everything else be history. I had other important things to concern myself with and love was not  one of them. If it was anything I knew she would be a distraction that would fill me, that would consume me and make me feel like a  human being. I didn’t need or want that. I had a company to run and I needed to be as I have always been cold, harsh, and cruel to everyone around me.

” Sir, Harris we are here.”  Driver said.

The door was open for me and  I got out of the car looking at my company. I was  calculating the next task that needed to be done while by passing my employee. They were all lines up on each side of me greeting me as I walked inside the company. I was already seeing those that should be fired and kept by the way they greeted me. I cared on to the elevator waiting for the next task to be unfold.

” He is coming everyone get into place.” I had already got the call from the front desk and as the watcher of the 23 floor I was help inform  the demon boss arrival. It didn’t really  take much for everyone to be running like their life depend on it to get into place.

” How can someone so handsome be so serious and my boss at the same time.” Jenny said. She was smiling from ear to ear as most of the women in the company. I can deny it either he is a charmer but I have a boyfriend that I love to pieces.

” Ah Janice.  I know what your thinking about your loving boyfriend and all but he isn’t that hot.” I also wanted to say that he isn’t the trustworthy kind either. He looks at every women as thought they are a tasty treat he wants to taste and then discard them. I would love to tell Janice these things but she is already a goner. It is just so sad that I shake my head when I think about how good she treats him.

” I have my cup a tea while you keep dreaming of our boss loving  you back.”

” Hey a girl can dream can’t she. Plus, I need to see my eye candy before I do hours of workload.”  It was the truth if I have no motivation then I was doom.

” Whatever.”  the sound of the elevator doors drew silence into the room.  In three, two, and one  ” Good morning Boss Harris.” It was said in the same time, same breath, and same length with everyone. The wait or should I say our death fate was for his response and if he didn’t eliminate any of us. He stood in place looking at everyone but it felt like a beam of cold ice sucking the life out of me.

” Good morning.” he said coldly  and walked to his office room and closed the door. Everyone sight in relief and carried on their day.

” Good call Janice.”

” No problem but did anyone else feel that something is going to happen today.”

” It better not be anything bad because I can’t take another overnight  work load again.My skin is starting to get bad and I can’t live like this.”

” I rolled my eye at Jenny but couldn’t help but to smile. There is no one that cares more about the way she looks then she does.” No its not that it as though something coming and that target seem to be our boss.”

” Ah see I knew you had the magic feeling. You just don’t want to tell me about my love life,:

” Jenny I am not a freaking fortune teller its just  I get these feeling sometimes.”

‘ Well these feelings are usually  right aren’t they.” I said.Knowing dame will they are she can be so picky when it comes to people.

“Some times I don’t even know why I talk to you Jenny.”

” Come on you know I’m fun to be around with and if you are right I hope it doesn’t mess up our lives.”

” Tell me about it.” The feeling of the unknown was strong but I just hope it wouldn’t open up the Pandora box of his.

The sun was shinning brightly over the sky today making me smile. I was planning to bring  food and snacks to the orphanage today since it was my day off. I usually work a never ending shift of my three  jobs but I asked for a leave of absents which is rare. Its just I have been thinking about the place I spent a small time in my childhood at. My life was hard but it was the kindness of the people at the orphanage that gave me hope, joy and love. Right when I was about to go to the store my cell phone rang.  ” Hello Sara. ” It was my cousin.

” Look in my room for a hard drive it should be by my desk.” I wasn’t aloud to be in her room but I ran up the stairs and hurried in her room.” Take your dirty shoes off before you enter it.”

” Sorry I will.” I took them off entering the room she was giving me a ear loud as I searched around. It wasn’t on the  desk but I found it on.

” I found it Sara.”

” Good now bring it to me at my work place you have less then  thirty minutes.”

” But Sara I .. was planning to go somewhere.’

” Do you think I care? Now come on get a move on Lauren.” I wanted to yell at her loud and clear but I didn’t want everyone to hear in my workplace.  I wasn’t going to ruin my persona for her.

” Lauren hurry up  and if you are not here on time then I’ll kick you out of my house.”

” Hello..” The sound of the phone hung up on the other end. She gave me no chance to put reason in her but I had no chose. Sara always threaten and she kept her promise with each one. I put my shoes on and ran down the stairs and out the door. Once I locked it I had to run for the hill their was no choose in taking the bus to save money but the taxi. I would cry later on the taxi fare but at least I will have a place to stay.

” Taxi.” I all but screamed  getting int he middle of the street to grab attention. In luck that there wasn’t others waiting for one. I got into the taxi and said the address “Please hurry and go fast.” I really hope I could make it in time.

” We need the other parts to the documents to be looked over today Sara.”

” I understand manger smith.” I smiled brightly at him and he walked away going to pester the other employee.  I had my work done but it was all in that stupid flash drive that I forgot to bring. I wanted to throw something but I only balled my fist up and pretend to be looking over my work. I was not going to be blamed for holding everyone back not if it killed me. Lauren better hurry the hell up or there was going to be hell to pay.

My prayers were answer when the taxi arrived at Sara company. I gave him the very expensive  money and got out of the taxi. I ran down the sidewalks and into the very highly professional atmosphere of the inside the building. I looked around but I couldn’t see Sara anywhere I called her.

Pick up pick up

” What?Where the hell are you.”

” I am in the lobby but your not there.”

” Of course I’m not I’m on the 23 floor you have to come up.”I was good because the boss step out to got to a meting across town for a bit. It was these lousy coworkers that would be to busy to mind her.

” But that impossible  I don’t have that  card  Id to scan to get up here.” I was confused there wasn’t a win way with Sara.

” You have no other  way but to get her in the renaming ten minutes. ” I said hanging up before she could give me any other poor excuse. I wasn’t going to look like an idiot running to her but she was going to come to me.

I didn’t have time to panic that was for later. I was good at blending in and the front desk was answering question to visitors  and everyone else eye were everywhere else. There was a group of new employee having a tour and I follow them. I will not shake and give my cover away I needed to get in the elevator with them. The security wasn’t paying attention to me I was gold and in luck when the elevator doors closed. They were talking excited about the new jobs that needed them I was in the back against the wall. I only had less then ten minutes to get there. The double doors open and they left one by one not paying mind to me and I smoothly stayed behind. I click the 23 floor shaking with nervous hating that I would have to do something so out of my character  for Sara. The double doors open  and I ran down the hallway going all the way to the end where the double door open. I walked inside the place that was filled with so many people they were so busy that  they didn’t see me. I still ducked and hurry along spotting the Sara desk from a mile away. I ran to her desk and could see her pleased smile but her eye said other wise. I wasn’t late thought would could be the problem.

” Here it is Sara.” She took the flash drive from the my hands and didn’t look at me.

” You are very useful to me Lauren.” I had the files sent and printed off in no time. ” You can leave now.”

” Oh very well then.” I scratch my head and went on my way to leave. I was walking trying to not get into everyone way that was screaming with workloads and running here and there. Someone almost ran into me but I  they caught themselves I sight in relief . I am usually falling over the stupids thing. It happen to fast  I trip over something and then making someone fall that had papers flying everywhere. Right when I thought I was going to fall on the floor warm  and strong hands caught me. The room went silent not a pen could be drop but my eye could believe the man that was holding me. He was beautiful but those eye of his seem so sad, cold, and lost.


By Wonders 1 I hope anyone that reads this enjoys In you came.  A romance love story that I am writing for those that want to read something different, fun and warm.






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