Love and Life and lie Upcoming 2017 Chinese Drama


Its about a  poor girl okay with her normal life and she gets in a car accident that  moves her and her mom into a business man house. She will be falling in love with the man she is destine to be with but also trying to find out her mysterious birth secret.

I really can’t wait to see this one and finger cross it will be a good one. The trailer seems promising but then again they always do.




Can love be anymore painful or sweet? Goblin Episode 9 Review


I laugh, screamed, and cried while watching the goblin and goblin bride fall in love with each other. It is both heartwarming but it is also painful to keep watching this sad love story. Even thought we know that she will take the sword out sooner of later for his own good and sanity it is still unbearable to wait. I was really hoping that he would be free of this life so that he can be reincarnated in the next life waiting for her. That might piss a lot of people off but that is what my heart wants as I’ve fallen for them.

I loved the reaper even more for telling the goblin bride the truth to protect her.  Protecting her from hating herself in the long run and not wanting her to do this to his friend. A friend that he had betrayed in his previous life for both his love and kingdom. I didn’t like that she left.  I felt that she was wasting her the little time she had left with him.That scene in the snow  when she knew and he knew that this was real and it hurts that I will have to say goodbye soon. I couldn’t imagine being her at that moment you couldn’t pay me enough to feel that lost and pain.

I can say the humor in this episode was still good. The reaper telling the goblin he liked him and didn’t want him to die. I think in the end of the day they  symbolized friendship that is built with both pain , fear and mountains of laughter. I hope they will also meet again in the next life when all their  sins are forgiven.