Can’t breathe

Give me a moment 

 a second to breath

But I can’t

It onlt seems more like a dream drowning me 
Unleashing me to an undyingn fear 

Tumbling commanding me to to suffer endlessly 

I can’t breath

But do you really care

I’m lying down on your mop floor

Staring at you for air or help

But all you do is stare

I’m looking at the devil himself pretending he cares

But you don’t care and I still  can’t breath. 


Power out 

Power is about to go out

 your first thought is the light

They switch on and off flickering in madness

Your looking up in worry , fright and sum of hope

Please don’t go out let this just be a setback

A joke of some kind 

Powers out oh no 

where the flashlight?

Dream man

Only when I close my eye will I then see you
Dream man
You are so kind to me that I sometimes
wish to not  wake up
Dream man
Why do you seem so perfect ?
Loving me with all your heart and more
Dream man
Who that is you looks so breath taking beautiful
A Greek god you are to me
The only thing I wish for is to be your queen
Dream man
Please don’t go
You bring me so much peace and love
But also pain
Because you are only a dream
Not real
Dream man
Sorry but I have to wake up now
I’ll see you when night falls
My dream man.

By wonders1

Pretend to Smile

I can be the most outstanding actor with my
Pretend smile
Its quite easy since you nor anyone else will notice
It unnaturalness
Funny huh
Pretend to smile not for me but for you
It would only seem right to you
Make you feel so much better this way
Pretend to smile
Then you can sleep better at night don’t worry
I won’t cry because that will upset you
No I’ll just keep smiling
With my pretend smile
Don’t you be sad though when this sad smile
is all  that left of  me
How broken I really was did you care?
Let me answer No
So let’s just pretend just you and me
Pretend to smile

By wonders1