Easy Fortune Happy Life!!!! A re watched one


This is a classic and romantic drama. That tell you that kindness is the best thing a human being can have. I for one love the character of Yang Dang Feh played by Lang Cheng Long was true to someone that was never given the love he desired as a kid. The poor thing became a lone wolf that never fit in with his pack of wolves. In this drama its the grandfather  broken promise to Fu An grandma that get those two together.  Giving Fu An 80 million dollars which is the company to however marries her. Watching the twist and true and blossoming of love between Yan Dan and Fu An is beautiful.

Oh the hot and our second main lead who I wish had a girl is Roy Qiu. I just wish there was more time with him then liking some one that wasn’t his since the begging. Quite sad but I liked this drama for its clear story line and the selfishness human can be with money and regret in hurting the ones they  love.



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