Kitchen heat

My sweat, my desire to fix dinner
Placing it on the table
Is not as simple as calling time to eat
Kitchen heat
Can even crush you or make you
Its like a fire that tossing back and forth with you
As you stir up the noodles feeling the boiling steam
All but welcome your face laughing at you with its wicked heat
but forgetting once you take a taste of flavor burst into your mouth
Kitchen heat
Can push you
Can pull you
Drag you pass you limit but its worth it all
Once its time to eat

By wonders1


15 minutes

The clock ticks and ticks leaving me frantic,
There not enough time for me to be complete
So I rewind the clock 15 minutes
That should be enough
At least I hope
15 minutes to pretend everything is okay
15 minutes to be happy and satisfied
But then its over once again
I hurry along going faster and faster
Watching my back on time
Doing the days task over and over again
Should i clean here or there
Get everyone else ready but never myself
15 minutes I rewind the clock for my sanity,
Pretending this is enough
I just keep telling myself
Is 15 minutes really enough?

By wonders1

Inside of me

My thoughts are endless , repeating the pain,
The words you said I can still feel them
Placing daggers all around my skin and bones
Inside of me I fell angry,
The weigh of it is so just like you
It drags me down tiring me
It controls me, it pain me
But its inside of me
Making it hard for me to breathe
It drowning me, killing me
And then
I close my eye and take a breath in and out
Its inside of me but it can get out
I let it full every part of me
And then I  just let it go
all the memories , the words, the pain
Until I can breath easily again , free again
Inside of me  joy has return into me
I smile wholeheartedly but never will I forget
What was inside of me.

By wonders1

How you feel

I want to know how you feel,
Are you full with nothing but pain?
Distrust, angry of the world and me.
I wonder what you feel,
Disgust for what you are becoming
Or what I have never wanted to see in you?
I want to know how you feel ,
Could it just be a shallow love so fragile it it break
Like the glass cup hitting the floor smashing everywhere
Is that how you feel
I wonder if you are drowning in your own self hate
Pointing your fingers at me
I want to know how you feel
Are you scared?
Of this,that ,them,you or everything?
I want to believe that you care but do you?
I seem to still not know how you feel.
If I might ask , how can you let it consume you?
Your letting it win, to control you , disrupt you,
take away everything that we are
But the way you are smiling now
I get it
Yes I really do
I want to know what you fell but do you?
I’m looking at you now and your eye are the only thing that don’t lie
The answer is the same as the love in my heart dissolving now
It the same as me walking away from you
And you not running to me
Sometimes when I am alone I wish I knew what you feel.
Then maybe my heart would be able to heal.

By wonders1

Easy Fortune Happy Life!!!! A re watched one


This is a classic and romantic drama. That tell you that kindness is the best thing a human being can have. I for one love the character of Yang Dang Feh played by Lang Cheng Long was true to someone that was never given the love he desired as a kid. The poor thing became a lone wolf that never fit in with his pack of wolves. In this drama its the grandfather  broken promise to Fu An grandma that get those two together.  Giving Fu An 80 million dollars which is the company to however marries her. Watching the twist and true and blossoming of love between Yan Dan and Fu An is beautiful.

Oh the hot and our second main lead who I wish had a girl is Roy Qiu. I just wish there was more time with him then liking some one that wasn’t his since the begging. Quite sad but I liked this drama for its clear story line and the selfishness human can be with money and regret in hurting the ones they  love.