My Sunshine: Hold on to love or Embrace it

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Sometimes I wonder if finding love so young is good because our heart might be telling us one thing and then hold the steering wheel life kick in. It stops for no one and even for our main lead Zhao Mosheng falling in love with  Yichen.  I think how hopless and pure the love was kind of got me sucked into the show. Without that plot I don’t think it would of been anything good but it just showed more of the human side of us. In away Yichen couldn’t have protected Mosheng anymore then she could of. But she was such a bright and naive girl that it was better this way not the tragedy that happen to her. No I hated the fact that the dad was horrible to Yichen but that was his true color or the fact that he didn’t tell his daughter the truth.

It’s been awhile since I last watch this drama but It still fresh off my mind. Did I in someway agree with Zhao Mosheng marrying a man that she had donate her money to no never. Not in a million years would I have said yes to that but she was only trying to protect her aunt son. She did not feel anything but a brotherly love to her husband  which is not at all what he wanted. That lead to their divorce but in away freeing her I did love that she made a career at photograph. I didn’t understand her having to start from somewhat the bottom again once she moved back to China.

Yichen never forgetting about his first love that he couldn’t say his true feeling was heart wrenching. He was a man hard to understand in almost every way  that I wouldn’t know what to do with myself with him. That first meeting after so long in all places the grocery store was just like scream someone. She looked so lost and broken inside trying to hold it all in. She didn’t want to cause him any more pain so she let them be more strangers. But fate has its way with us and they always find away to meet.

I was scared for her when she told him the truth. That she was divorce and she knew he wasn’t going to forgive her. The way he acted was both selfish and bittersweet b/c he could of went to America to look for her years ago. It just happen and later he finds out that it was out of convenient rather then consumption she was still very untouched.

The only thing I dislike was Mosheng hair cut it was horrible but funny. Everything else was pleasing while they  fought for their love again.




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