Sweet Sweet Body Guard

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Military Father who expect his daughter to be more like a man. He wants her to the best bodyguard there is and nowhere never a girl who falls in love. But Ai-Jia has other things in plan and she practically kidnaps the man child Zhong -Qi. Those to together bicker and dislike each other because of a twist of fate Ai-Jia has to be his bodyguard. If your looking for comedy, women who can kick some butt and amazing  grandma this is for you. Their love story is quite refreshing and it shows that  he okay with her in the lead. Just wants her to know that she can be a women to. I had fun with this Taiwanese drama  just because of the new friends Ai- Jia meets that gives us so much comic relief. Bless her heart but even she finds herself falling in love with a scheme of her own. I enjoy this drama just wish the last couple episode didn’t make our main lead so stupid. But hey you can’t get everything in a show right?



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