Love me if you dare: Love Wallace Huo Every second


The best, best, best, best that I have ever seen. Were talking about the story line is gold, acting is at its best, chemistry is there but not to much, intelligence level there, comic relief is blissful. What more could I ask for in a show but these too. Its quite hard to find a show that  fits your needs as a drama manic here but it was worth it. I will have to say Wallace Huo fan girl all the way it just worth it. I wasn’t all up for watching  this show at first then I was like when its done I’LL watch this. It was good even thought people in life are so scary but finding someone that love you and trust you enough like Jian Yao  was priceless. No spoilers just watch it even if you don’t like criminal stuff just press play and watch.


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