Summer Desire: Who Remembers This Addictive Drama

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To me this was one those if you dare to watch drama. I am a fan of barbie hsu  so you had me at the cast and then you bring in peter ho and it a wrap. It strange that I loved the bad guy to the point of routing for him even thought he was poison to our main lead. It just happens because the chemistry was to dame spicy and hot then peter ho time with her. To me it was like give in to this guy but I did have my moment where it made alot of sence why she picked who she picked. It was just what the hell but your heart saws one thing and your body says another.


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The way he ( Xia Ming  played as luo xi ) kisses is just hold on to something and fall in  love with the devil for a day.

Peter ho did his character with a due respect it. This drama wouldn’t have been worth the climax without him I just wanted more chemistry and not so much pain of the past mistake. I mean they were young when they meet and you are prone to hurt the person you love if your scared to take their offer hand.

I will re watch this drama to give more reviews. I kinda forgot about this one but I remember using my Christmas break years ago to watch this one.





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