The promise EP 88: My Wish


I understand that we should care if everyone finds out Lee Na Yeon  True identity but who cares. I mean the villains in this story don’t give a  rat ass. You don’t ever want to meet these type of people in you entire life but I feel that Lee Na Yeon should of just took them all out in their sleep and call it a day. I know payback is to be even but its a done deal if their dead we don’t have to worry about psychotic SJ blaming everyone else for taking her man but her. I mean that girl was way crazy before she knew what he mother was cable of. She was one of those people that TJ should of never had meet. Like it was a test of going to heaven or hell man I pick heaven and walk away from that slut. She has to be the worst human being even more so then her killing mother. I mean at least her mother admit that she killed those that got in her way and it content because she just truly evil. Has always been since the day she was created by her sperm donor was evil. I will try to hold out on this drama but its not looking good.

Like Dohee says she has nothing to lose which is true. When really think about it even if she dose love HK their noway she wants to be with anybody. Not after that horrible excuse for a being TJ did to her. I mean he wanted to be rich that bad I mean he was a lawyer. A lawyer but like my mom always says their never enough money no such thing as enough money. He blew it with NY but wants her back has he loose his mind in truth he would of been the first person she should of taken out. I get her whole hide and seek play but no he would of been in the bottom of the sea by now and SJ would of been in the mental institution. That would of solved two usual villians. I wonder why dose TJ and SJ think she doing this revenge for them they never thought how did this really all start. If SJ killer mom would of stop and think then NY would be with her daughter and never bother you two again. Its whatever.

What up with Sj jumping in front of the car? Stupid or She telling her uncle that her father isn’t her real father. Like it okay if he knows but not your dad this is playing out to much.

Like I said she should of eliminated them when she made their food and should of light a match and walked away. Taking HK and his mom out of the house and drove off.


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