Bitter Honey: Its crazy weird but good


I’m someone who loves  watching Thai laklorn but I can admit sometimes the story line are weird. Don’t get me wrong it was good I mean Janie Tienposuwan  played in it. Anything she acts usually turn to gold. This story is a revenge drama people so if you watch it be prepared.

Story line : Childish mother name Rose breaks the heart of Purim her ex lover  and he become obsesses in his revenge on her. He uses Rose daughter Kangsardarn( Janie)  as his revenge which in theory makes no scene because he actual has feeling for her. The  daughter to me was a sad character because she had to be the mom while the mom was the daughter. So she wasn’t the normal twenty something year old but a much mature adult. Lets just say her mom drink, gamble and sleep oh and only like a man with money. I mean if that not a good mother then I don’t know what is.

I did love the bitter and conflict that Purim had within himself for the kangsardarn. It’s just I wish that it didn’t fell like he was forcing her so much rather then woo her. It would of been better to trick her into loving him  then make her believe she could trust him. Which she should of never trusted him or her stupid mother. I watch this drama a long time ago but  I remember how outrages and psychopaths women that was in love with Purim still lived with him. I mean creepy like he dose not  love you don’t you understand. Oh he  also stole his nephew women which is played by Janie. I mean that was some humiliating  stuff to be going out with a girl that you plan to marry but was in debt by your evil uncle. That was some mess up stuff but I wish the nephew would of been more mature rather then angry and found out the truth. Or even realize that he didn’t love  kangsar… whatever he name is. If I had to rate this drama it was a five and a half. Just because of the ending that was like what!!




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