The Promise EP 87 Spoiler Talk


I don’t know about you but I was checking the website like a mad women. I mean were the hell was this episode yesterday. Then you kind of realize how little of a life you have but who cares. Now lets get to business it was worth the wait. I might not understand Korean but clearly we know Lee Na Yeon aka Dohee knows the truth now. I mean that witch and even SJ  ripping up the DNA  documents it was on. Those two are really evil and the mom doesn’t even know the monster she created. It was quite thralling to see her scared look at her psychopath daughter.  The witch keep telling her daughter that her husband she stole is no good well your not either. She forgets that she stole that man as well lied about having his kid, killed his first love , killed his granddaughter and daughter. She has a long list when going to hell for. It going to be like crazy check killer check .

If it wasn’t for Dohee would Hk  KNOW that his mom was in danger. Hell no. Poor guy he says he wants to protect her but he knows he can’t. All I want him to do is say her real name once and say I still love you and want to spend the rest of my life with you. HOPEFULLY he finds out that she’s not  half sister with SJ and that he can be with her. If only but that is least likely to happen until the revenge is revealed.

Tae Jerk I like to call him Now you want to have your little revenge.Like really just because your mad that Dohee is in love with her husband(they aren’t really officially wed but you know. He is the dumb jerk not to realize that the women you want to spend the rest of your life with should love and take care of you. Not suffocate you and complain about every little thing. I mean he was with SJ for five years he didn’t realize she was a pain in the butt. That she wasn’t crazy, childless killer THAT is more obsessed rather then love you. Tae jerk just need to lay in the bed he made and stop complaining. Like dohee said his punishment would be forever staying with SJ. He need to stop calling her name she knows that you set her man up he’s a waste of time.


SJ finds out that dohee is Lee Na Yeon which isn’t surprising b/c Tae Jerk keep saying her name . She threatening her I’m going to tell well then that would be perfect Idiot. THAT you and your mother team up and to kill her and her daughter to still that useless man Tae Jerk. Yeap go ahead that would be everything we want and more. Just a waste of a preview I hope that Dohee mom find out EVERYTHING and take that Witch Bitch down. That all I’m saying and take care of Lee Na Yeon with her husband. To tell those two they can be together and dohee can let go and live her life again.



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