Down with love Review


Yesterday and today I re watch this drama. It’s one of my all time favorites just because the liking someone was so well felt. You know we(viewers) understand that one sided   love can be bitter sweet but it can be beautiful to. It’s the fact that finding Someone  that make you happy is one and a million but its what you do with that love that make it beautiful.  I wish that our second lead and the ex girlfriend didn’t play with our main leader heart. It was just heartbreaking but also it shows that maybe waiting isn’t always the best thing. That telling someone the truth about how you feel is okay and can warm their hearts up. As usual I wish all the other character didn’t take so much time away from out main leads. But its a wish that not going to happen the ending was good. Its just did the older sister ever find love?  Other then that it was a good show to watch if you want to smile all the time at looking at hot Jerry Yan. Also if you just want to watch a relation ship blossom and misunderstanding clear up replace with laughter. This is the show for you as usual Taiwanese drama never fails me.


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