Silence Taiwanese Drama: Will always have my tears


Silence the title say it all you guys. I’m not the type that just bawl out an cries at the compute scream. But this ! did it for me and will always have my tears in a bucket waiting to be poured out somewhere. This drama was just one of those life changing one you know.I just can’t express in words how blissful and carefree this show was. Your talking about two people waiting for a love that started one week or less and aching it for the rest of their lives. I just…. am always out of breath with love in the way the witter had wrote this story.

I still remember the song September goes and zhong Shen just uses her hands to sing the lyrics to him. It was like wow. You can’t really scream at both of them when they didn’t realize who they were to each other. It was how life is mysterious and unforgiving. Qi Wei Yi dying but he’s the one that puts all the piece together and find out that she the one. I mean my heart had hurt and ache just like his. He just to me was the most saddest character but their love was silence itself. No amount of words could describe what they meant to each other but just a smiling at each other. What ripe my heart out the most was when  zhong shen told Qi Wei Yi  that she loved him she spoke just that little but it meant the world. But he said I know and I was like that a sad love story I didn’t want to know but I’m glade to. He wanted to protect the truth from her but like they say the truth always come out.

To me his last days were  the best gift he gave both of them. It just made me realize that it doesn’t matter how much time you have with someone time its being with them is enough because tomorrow was never promise to us.


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