Beautiful Gong Shim : Love this show!

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I just fall in love with Ah Dan Tae playful , honest, serious but gentle heart and Gong Shim. They are just people that you will really meet and have fun with. It doesn’t seem fake their relationship that its in between a husband and wife or best friends unknowing liking each other. I couldn’t love them even more if I could.

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Oh I can’t stand gong shim greedy sister that thinks she should have everything. I mean two rooms just because she wants one I have no care for her parents. They don’t care for their warm heart daughter gong shim. She is just the most sweet, caring , real and has me dying laughing when she plays with her Dan tae.


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Did you see him making a move on her today with that broken arm. He to me is a real man that will love all of her more then anyone else would. I loved when they were drinking and he was like you think your sister is pretty? He was like I don’t and I agree she isn’t that pretty like at all. Take away her make up, expensive clothes, and all you get is a greedy snob. She to me is evil from the inside and out doing that to her sister but oh well. I want to stop talking about her. Now my couple better get together and have as many date as possible without other messing up the moment. I really would just like to see a drama with the main leads just dating each other rather then everyone inconvenient.


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