Five Children Ep 27 Review Hate and LOVE


HATE and Love this Episode?

It was just missing a lot today. I did love my golf couple they were just so darn  cute. Wish they could have their own show together to have more time with them. I didn’t at all like the mom and dad of both the in laws sides. I mean you gave that poor innocent girl hope that at least she might have someone to rely on but just made a scene about it. The mom that fainted I think she a complete snob that only love her first child. Crying that she wanted someone else as a daughter in law but WHO WOULD BE…? Anyway I just hope they get their act together.  I love team leader and Min ah for their competition and knowing each other best but I feel sorry for them.If only team leader would walk away from his mother and father in law and live his life. The mother in law don’t get me started she is to child-est for me to forgive her and that saying a lot.Anyway I hope tomorrow will be better but I can only hope for that.


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