Christine Feehan Ghost walker : Samurai Game


Thorn story was the best and she was the one that really been after Whitney from the beginning. From what he did to her and how strong and gently she is was amazing. I got to say this was a piece of art and amazing storytelling.


I love that Thorn is  with Sam and they share the same gift but she more good at it. Oh I love the different disguises she turn into to  find information and I love her brothers. I wish that Christine would do a story about them. It would be worth it because the ways of the samurai are most peaceful , clever and fighters.

We need more people like Thorn anyway to get the job done. She also has this mindset to find out if anyone is getting hurt the way she was as a child. So in away she protecting those around her and meet for the better. I love how honest she was towards the other ghost walkers and she didn’t care if they believed her but was going to do her part to protect her man.


This was just a good one and should go on this list. I hope you guys get to read this Ghost walker series.



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