Five Children Ep 25-26 Call me Honey


WOW  the first time you seen team leader got all beef up mad at those housewives. I mean he had a point they were just plain noisy. But gave him the perfect excuse to change their work name to something sweet and lovely all thanks to Min Ah. He knows he loves it when she gets all mad and bothered . Okay lets talk about the others.

I love my lets be friends but this is a date couple. They just are simply wonderful people that make us feel how they feel. That whole not knowing what to do when you like someone is real but I like how he isn’t  mad at her but getting to know her. More and More I loving him and that piggy  back ride like what! She so totally like that and couldn’t have been even more happy with him. She was practically dance with excitement with the shoe he bought her.

Who was more then happy that she ( Shim Yi Young) character finally told him she was pregnant That was funny and the look on his face was like what the hell. I thank he’ll get his life together with her and be a good dad. This might just be his breakthrough he was looking for. The fact that his mom hasn’t add this all up is priceless but oh well.

Min Ah ex husband is a complete loser and doesn’t care what he say out of his mouth. He a liar and like he just figure out how pitiful min ah life was. Like dumb##. Whatever he going to get what he desire anyway.

Next week preview … she horrible.

Lastly Team leader mother in law is horrible and doesn’t care about her son in law. I mean he hasn’t been with anyone nobody not even a dag on one night stand time. I mean she is horrible but I loved that he covered Min Ah daughters ears. The look on his face was like shaking my head I can’t believe you would say that in front of a kid. Like no one played you they were just dating and their kids don’t know.  Gosh even that father in law was shocked but maybe they are like this because they feel bad about their decreased daughter. But come one she practically had to take care of them and her husband so sad. Anyway  our lets be friends couple seem to have to much to drink . Sleep talking confessions are on!



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