Morrasoom Sawat Laklorn Review : Favorite MALE Actor


Weir is my most favorite male actor which is why I was excited to watch another of his drama. Its just this one wasn’t on my re watch list or on my favorite. I mean the story line was good I loved the chemistry of both main leads . Its just I wanted more of them being together rather then the misunderstanding that was going on. Which is one of the main things in the story line but I thought it was stupid in away. Because he should of figure out that she never knew that her father owed him money. There no way our little innocent kwang that was just so a wonderful being would care about money. She was like the adult while her greedy sister and father only saw money. I mean even the step mother was horrible but she was understandable in a getting the rich guy type of way. How he didn’t realize that she didn’t leave with her boyfriend ( THEY NEVER WERE TOGETHER) aboard was beyond me. Everyone knows she wouldn’t have the heart to just leave her step mother and her siblings. I mean even I couldn’t do that but her sister shore did. I never liked her but even she had a taste of reality and that money isn’t worth it. The ending was okay but I  just wish it was more but oh well.


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