Dandelion Love Review First love


This weekend I watch Dandelion Love which is a 2013 drama that sets back in the day. It was very good and refreshing to watch something that told the life story of wealth meeting hardship. As well as welcoming friendship that turn into an everlasting love. That connection when meeting your soulmate was very well showed and expressed. You know Jia Dong was really this mature kid for her age and love her dad. Her love touched everyone and she understood human being to their good and worst parts. To me she brought peace to when their was chaos and all the secrets are awaking with her adventure in going to see her aunt and uncle. She a very hard worker that in more way care to much about her family and not of herself. Sometime you just want to take a deep breath and scream at them but Jia Dong just give them a simple answer with so much calmness.

To me Song Lix Xing his behavior and coldness in people and life was well played out. It was very understandable since he was sick most of his life but having to be a successor for the hotel. He just gave me this guy that wanted to live his life with his best friend Jia Dong. I would of liked it if he would of knew it was her just by the pound of his heart.It just didn’t happen but when he was with her he would talk about the past. Losing himself in that memory and just wishing that he was some regular guy waiting for his love to come back to him. I think deep down he knew the clock was ticking and didn’t want to believe it. But the way he loved her was more then enough but like he said just to short.

Sometimes you just have to let go of the people that can’t change. This could only be said to the one and only Jia Dong Best friend that has chaos to much trouble for her life. I just don’t know if it was out of spite or it was all her.

I love to the very end and beyond the galaxy the character that Sean Lee had acted. He was a man that you should fall in love with. I just . …. there no words for how true he was to Jia Dong.That he was in love with her but still knew how she felt about Li Xing. It was incredible about how he just simply let her cry on his shoulder and hold her. I just can’t have enough of him. Like he wouldn’t have her doing any of the hard labor that he knew she could do. But he didn’t want her to do it he wanted to take care of her. I just love him wished the story would of been different.Like one again the second lead relationship or love for the main lead was on the money here. It was simply just being with her making her laugh that made his day. Spoiler  Fate always has its way and I was more then okay with the ending. I just couldn’t get enough with how he loved and protected her knowing that his love was one sided.

Alright that it you guys talk later.







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