Five Children His kids! EP 24


So far these couple of episode have been laid back but a few surprise. Team  leader figure out that Assistant Min Ah daughter is in the car with him. That his kids are going over at her house to have a play date. I love his teasing her and not giving her the heads up. It was fun to watch how her being a mom would influence the kids.  Hmm I also like our two clueless couples that are meant for each other.Wish that they would go out but can’t wait for their new friendship or shall I say courtship  to take off. I’m not a to much big fan of the mom telling her employee how to live her life but can understand. That maybe you should put the connection together but don’t beat them up about it.

Oh Yeah that ending with bin grandma turning up I really don’t think I like that. I mean at least let them date a little or be together something because they are so alone. I know her daughter died but …. she needs to want her son in law to be happy not faking he is. To be alone in the world is scary and not worth each passing day. But what can we say they aren’t the most mature adults on the planet and he is not your husband. Its just that preview when Assistant Ah was crying and siting alone while team leader looked sad. I was like what happen his mother in law is horrible. Ah man I really wish it was this week but oh next week will have to do.

P.s. What are your thoughts on this episode?



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