The Promise ep 67 You found out to soon



Like really Tae Joon you would go that far to see if that was Lee Na Yeon. Just hat off to you Jerk face. I just loved how Dohee(Lee Na Yeon)  had her breakdown but got back together like a warrior.  Favorite line You found out too soon how boring  I was like tell me about it he no fun. Telling her to stop like a little kid when that was your daughter that died because of your crazy wife. He need to pull the piece together and figure out that his wife killed his daughter so that he could have his revenge as well.  I also love how she just broke his illusion and told her she want his whole family death.

Okay Tae Joon Wife is such a horrible villain I mean she can’t do anything herself. So childish of course they are all going to be pointing fingers to you. Dumb girl and already your husband can’t stand you running to see his ex girlfriend to save the company , his spot and more… I just hope it’ll be worth it but Dohee will get her revenge.


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