Beautiful You Ep 121 Just Give me 10 minutes


People that are fated to be together always have the most painful love story. That example would be Seo Kyung and Jin Hyung everyday. This episode also signify  that to the extreme for the fact that both family don’t want her to be with Jin Hyung. Which in my opinion is so over rated they are only against him because of his unbearable mother and sister.I just couldn’t stand that just because Sung Joon is this perfect guy in everyone eye instead of Jin Hyung its okay for her to be with him. Which isn’t a loveless marriage is an unhappy one. I do believe deep down that Seo Kyung just wanted to have a friend to give her this illusion that she could love someone else. It just never worked because she was always in love with Jin Hyung.


Who love Jin Hyung telling Seo Kyung off to stop being arrogant? I loved it and was like about time someone that is always true to her tell her what life is about. He made a point and she pretend like she didn’t know what he was talking about. Crying. I declare Jin Hyung is the only one that could give our  ice princess true, meaningful tears because she can see and feel his love for her.

I could care less about the mom telling Sung Joon that she won’t let them marry. Laughable she a grown women and can do anything she wants.

The cutie parts with the friends eating and the girl asking for his number was sweet. I don’t really see the need in the grandma and grandpa really dating each other .

Oh I  was happy when Sung Joon walked out on  Jung Yeon. I mean that girl just was a snake that slimed her way into trouble and loved people pain. Especially the one that she cared about I will never like her in this drama never.

Just give me ten minutes Jin Hyung asked Seo Kyung and I was like yes. They are meant for each other just look at that smile. Ah if only this show was better scripted I could of fallen in love with the way Jin Hyung courts his women with fun and no worries.IF only.

Lastly that preview I  was like yep tomorrow its going to be the real ending. An Seo Kyung looks happy and lively might be with Jin Hyung. Did anyone else was like WHO WOULD Marry Jung Yeon the poor guy? Anyone!!!




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