The Promise Ep 65 You need to see a doctor


Just a brief talk about this episode but I love the line you need to see a doctor from Lee Na Yeon to crazy Jang Se Jin. That girl is so paranoid that its laughable I mean she really sets her self up ring  the door bell to the hotel room was on the money. I just love how Lee Na Yeon is smiling and loving their down fall.

Lets talk about Park Yoo Kyung aka madwomen killer that is trying to get Hwi Kyung mom sent to the hospital. She is just so mess up as well I don’t really get her. If she control her husband so much then she doesn’t need to worry about the past. Since he doesn’t have the guts to hear the truth or ask about his pass lover. Man he is so much like his son in law that is like is he your real son but their not of course. They really should of been because they have been tricked by the same money hungry power  that they don’t have. But if Tae Joon would get his self together and stop wanting to confront Lee Na Yeon so much then he can see his pathway to success. If he team up with her then he can be head of the company and then Lee Na Yeon could take it from him.  Will see about that.

What up with Do hee mom thinking her husband is cheating on her. Unless she knew he was never in love with her but I think if she was anything like her daughter then she would confront him.

You guys I don’t understand relationships  that well but I’m pretty sure Dohee had broke up with Hwi Kyung. I’m sure no positive but he keep thinking they are together again. I just can’t stand kdrama scripts like this but I guess this is how guys think. I don’t know he wants to see if the rings fit but WHO CARES. He knows that she isn’t dohee he going to hate himself for loving them both. I think he never really loved dohee but just admired her and she protected him. So Le Na Yeon he was quoting poetry( like really you are the moon I need to protect while before you were the sun I lend on)  to is the one that going to make a man out of him and get him to really protect his mom.  Finger cross that Lee Na Yeon will stand her ground.

Bye until next time.





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