Beautiful You EP 119 I’LL Let You go! Review


The moment we have all been waiting for drum roll please!!! Like about time Sung Joon you realized that the best thing to do is let her go. Seriously he was never meant to be together with her at all.He set himself up trying to be the perfect man for her. Of course everyone would love him but not the kind of love he wanted from Seo Kyung.

We all know tomorrow this drama is coming to an end but I’m going to miss seeing Jin Hyung in a suit and looking gorgeous. If only this was a different drama then it would of been some nice couple time but oh well. I love the fact that Seo Kyung was like did you get my letter and he just sighted. Ah love it. It was like they breath better when around each other and her tears made their love bloom more. He knew and we all knew that when he said let me take you home really meant come with me to the states. Yeah we know but I wanted to at least see Seo kyung just once run to Jin hyung and hug him so tight and tell him she loves him. I was just waiting for that but that not the kind of person she is. Which is understandable but just once.

T’ll the end I can’t stand Jin Hyung mom , sister and dad. He should of been an  orphan but we can’t choose our parents.

Anyway I also don’t like Seo Kyung mom like she doesn’t understand her daughter. Even if she not your biological daughter you should know that she isn’t in love or happy with Sung Joon. It clear as day but she not having it and want the perfect son in law. Its no one life but Seo kyung and she need to start chasing Jin hyung and the preview told us she will. GO Seo kyung and get the man you love and never let him go.



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