Ugly Duckling: Perfect Match


You haven’t lived until you watch this series. My favorite is Perfect Match that I have watch randomly but will be watching the others. So far so good at winning my heart, making me smile, laugh most of the whole time and love the friendship. It was making me wish I had someone like P’seua in my life but it was just good to watch their relationship blossom.

images (9)

He was intruded by this strange girl hiding her face but he fall for those honest warm eyes of hers. I thought that was very truthful and sweet.

images (7)

I liked this scene  were junior / joo caught the two timer and feeling like why me? I was enjoying that part but felt so bad for P’seua.

images (8)

He knew that she was the one and the courtship was just to good. That sweet potato kiss was to die for.



I could go on and on about how amazing this Thailand drama was but I want you to watch it. I promise it will make your day brighter and have hope that you’ll find Someone  that accept all of you from the inside.

But man isn’t Put Puttichai to good to be true and man he’ll be forever in my dreams.

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