Sekai Ichi Muzukashii Koi Episode 1-2

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This is my show with my favorite member of Arashi Ohno Satoshi aka leader playing Reiji. Who is a successor at a Japanese Inns.  I just love this story line and the awaking of having a crush. Its very fun to watch and it keeps me waiting for the next episode.Its worth it in every way to watch this amazing love comedy. I can’t stop smiling !!!!!


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I like how honest his secretary is to him and she dose it with class. She also hopes for the best for him and encourage him to face his liking Misaki .

images (4)

They are both childish but in away the same but Reiji is way better then his rival. The rival is also interested in the same women. Its going to get more  interesting.


images (3)

I love that he was trying to get her attention but she daydreaming. While he about to pass out but he so totally like her. Drinking milk just for her so sweet.




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