Great Teacher Onizuka-GTO JDrama



I love this Drama to the bottom of my heart. There isn’t much words for this show but true to people and how others will view you. But if you believe in yourself and  accept  how  hard life is and make friends for life then its worth it.


From the caste down to the amazing acting was well worth watching all the seasons to this show. I just love this friendship and how they would admire Onizuka and admire his courage to love his students in away no teacher would care or dare to. He really makes you ask yourself why are you a teacher if its not to help your students.


images (1)

This student help is a genius but was getting used  by her mom and it was sad. But Onizuka said that he would be sad if she disappeared from this world.Since they are friends and that her life matter to him this is worth watching again. I will have a marathon and tell you more spoiler talk.


images (2)

They are wonderful guys that get him in a lot of trouble but the way he hands it is to funny for words.


He walks in like a boss on the first day.




This is what started it all the 1998 Version was incredible you guys. He always has his resignation in his suite pocket.  Just a good main lead in both versions.


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