Beautiful You EP 115 Preview ARE YOU KIDDING ME


To be honest this  episode 114 was just sad and worrisome but what about that preview for tomorrow. Like what the hell is wrong with everyone. So what if Jin Hyung is donating his bone marrow apparently no one else was offering. I mean kim Seong Joon aka wanna be married to Seo kyung but does he really care about her daughter? Hell no and that’s scary because tomorrow its on if anyone stops Jin Hyung from doing that surgery that war. I mean this is beyond childish this is some one  child life here. Not about are you being the match to was a name child. People this should not be  going on and from Jin Hyung sister and mom its beyond blind of not caring about people anymore.I hope that Jin Hyung dad divorce his wife and disown his daughter because she has been harassing her brother  love life and just the very air he takes.

I just can’t believe this right now.  Like did you guys see when Seo Joon was talking on the phone with Jin Hyung a Hater but like dag. His jealousy is to far b/c Seo Kyung clearly broke up with you. He just gets on my nervous believing that everything okay and dandy here but he has not cried at all. Like dude that creepy at least we all could feel Jin Hyung love for both the mother and daughter. Because the way he love EB is like she should of been his daughter in the first place. People this should be a life lesson to everyone especial to men. If you know that she is the one at first glance don’t Waite two to three years on her grab her then and there. Because you’ll cause her so much pain and regret like Jin Hyung feels but he still loves her in every way. I’m just saying that it shouldn’t be that big of a deal who donating what because at the end he truly loves both of them. So if delusional Seong Joon doesn’t back down from this now then he no better man or person like Jin hyung psycho sister. Maybe those two are actual meant to be together in some weird, damage, demanding way. Beats me I’m voting for Seo Kyung and Jin Hyung to be together at the end in America with Eb.


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