Marriage Contract Ep 16 Tomorrow isn’t Promise So love me always

images (1)   Favorite moments

I just loved that he came with some flowers and that smile on his face. That he realize loving hye Soo and her daughter was  what he wanted. That he would never regret his decision in choosing them. That it what a man is to me in the end of the day.

*** It was like our heart stooped when the candles had blew out. He just knew that something had happen to hid beloved wife. The true actors in this show were brilliant just for not being able to speak but to show it on their face. Like he sign those paper knowing she would die but holding onto his daughter praying that she would live.  I loved that he just told her thank you and held her hand as she laid in the hospital bed recovering.

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Just moment like this was yes. You really don’t see this a lot in kdrama were the guy just express his love in wanting to touch his wife. To make her feel that everything is going to be okay when their a time limit to being together. That simple love to keep her sickness a secret was touching.It was good in away you wouldn’t want anyone to feel heartbroken by the news. Although that girl could clearly knew something was wrong with hye soo but oh well.


  • I really didn’t like Ji hoon mom because she still to me didn’t understand life. That in away she still has a lot of growing up on her part but hopefully she finds that back home.
  • You just have fathers like Ji hoon  that who only want to be right. That doesn’t believe no one can be mad at them and do as they want. But its not being honest to themselves their just not living.
  • Han Jung Hoon got more then he could chew and had a break down and his mom couldn’t take it anymore. So leaving was for the best.


This right here!!!! Was like lets cry and love each other ever second of everyday. Even thought her sight was going away and their was so much fear. Love. Their simple love did it for me and I really didn’t know what the director was going to give us. I mean everyone was saying sad ending or happy unrealistic ending .

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I was happy that they had went to the amusement park  and every scene was perfect. Because Ji Hoon was right tomorrow isn’t promise all you have is here and now. Let those just be your happy moments and love. To truly love them and hold no regret is the best way to live. I liked the ending because it was life itself never knowing if your going to be with the person you want to grow old with. Just living, smiling and feeling happy is all we really can do.

P.S.This was the last episode and the end of my review on Marriage contract. I love all the actors on this show and hope to see them in another drama.


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