The promise episode 58 Delusional KangTae joon



Okay lets recap to yesterday who all loved that laugh she gave to Jang Kyung Wan aka her real father who clueless and thinks he has  the balls since he’s the president of Company. I loved she said I want your company and laugh. I mean Baek Do hee aka Na Yeon is amazing and I loved her even more at that. If you think about her revenge is going to be all the way people. She has nothing to hold her back maybe her past family but not really. So that was the only thing that made my day yesterday.


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He’s a waste of time he really is… getting on my last nervous I can’t wait until Na Yeon Slays you…..

A man that doesn’t care about his ex girlfriend and child being killed is unreasonable. There really isn’t much words to describe such a character as kang tae Joon. The man never had balls the moment his wife was destroying his  Na Yeon life on purpose. He was okay with that and even wanted to throw all of it away for  her. I really don’t understand the same guy that could become a puppet to his wife family and want everyone pity. But ..No the moment he suspects his ex girlfriend coming from the dead he all ready to become the boss. Demanding her do this and stay out of his way BUT  a few episode buddy you were completely pathetic. Thinking he couldn’t go on without his ex and unhappy to be married with that annoying childish wife of his. Like come one Tae Joon make up your mind already  either be happy with you crazy wife or have a fighting battle with Baeko Do Hee because she the only women that can make you feel any emotion.


We can go on and on about how stupid some of the character are but ……you got to love childish con couple who expected a baby. Sadly they will have a evil mother in law that love scamming people and feeling pathetic once done evil deeds. Shaking my head what at shame . Payback will slayer her as well.

Okay another good point about this episode is our  clueless little duck Park Hwi Kyung. This guy is so sad to me he’s too naive for a guy.He really is I mean he should of knew that wasn’t his girl when he first say her in the hospital bed. Just shaking my head that he found out the possibility with his tearful eyes.  We all know its going to be a couple episode later but I hope he teams up with her and Baek Do Hee Mom. Seriously !!!!

Goodbye until Monday hopefully its worth the week end wait.




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