The Promise Review So Far Ep 44-53



I know revenge drama can become a pain but Lee Yu-Ri has never failed me yet. She is a work of art on both pay back and pulling off the innocent role to take over women. She has played lead on a number of drama  Ice Adonis, Twinkle Twinkle , I love you don’t cry and my favorite Daring women.

Okay I’m not going to lie but the way Do hee die was like are you kidding me. I mean I WANTED more at least for her to put the pieces together. You know after giving her sister her clothes and telling her to go find her family. I really wish she would of left with her sister they could of escape together but … it happens. That part when Lee Na Yeon went back to her sister when the smoke consume the hospital was sweet. It was sad but it was more then enough love for her sister that she didn’t get to know. Man I sometime wish things went a different direction. Like Do hee mom she knows in her gut that its not her daughter. She knows but just doesn’t want to register it. Horrible isn’t it. Who loved that part when Lee Na Yeon got had that dream about her daughter and sister. Awe so sad but she woke up with  all her memory and that was good. She just went crazy when she saw that they both die. I loved that part when she feel about and you could feel her revenge. She really wanted to kill them and she should of but…. Park Hwi Kyung found her. In away his character is a little to pure for me. What I mean is like Do hee said that he would choose his family over her. It was like all the respect I could of had for him was corrupted in that moment. He should of release   the story at a least for the wrong of it all. It wasn’t right.

Did anyone else love how fast her revenge Lee Na Yeon began when her story got dropped. It pissed me off a tone that you would ditch her story for that old drama  with the president. Seriously that made NO Sense  to me.  Okay forward three episode later.

Park Yoo kyung the evil mother that is just to greed to be human. She is just beyond killing people that gets in her way and hated her son in law. Like What. She need help but its okay Lee Na Yeo has a surprise for her. She scared the hell out of her and I loved that smile on her face. It was worth it that little thrill Na Yeo felt BUT I fee sorry for her. B/c nothing is going to be enough for her nothing but their death. It amazing thought how people with power are so evil wanting everything to go their way. It so sad.


download (2)


We could talk about this horrible jerk all day people but he is a fool. She gave him everything all the love in the world but he wanted more. Something he should of never had wanted. Kang Tae Joon he pretend to be all weak to his wife but inside lays a monster waiting to take everything. But he will of course be fooled by the fake Do hee. Its just in his nature because I declare Lee Na Yeon was the only one that made him feel anything.  He going to be lost and drawn in her seduction to him and right when she has him she’ll destroy him. But I think that they work as a  team to kick everyone out of the company and then she’ll betray him.  How come he didn’t just break of her five years ago? What was the point in having the affair when you didn’t love Na Yeon at all? The least he could of done was protect his daughter but he didn’t care about her.

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I could tell you one thing the game is going to began. An I can’t wait for the plan she has for us. I just wish that Do hee mom get it together and help Na Yeon revenge both her sister and daughter. I mean we don’t need dead wait people and her father would have her back so. ….. HELP is always needed.

I really can’t stand Oh Man Jang just go somewhere please….nobody care for you.  Can’t wait for next week with Tae Joon moving to the AP foods and Do hee plan coming along. She could all but be having a spell on everyone sadly even Park Hwi Kyung. I think his subconscious know her true identity but he doesn’t want to believe it. He just doesn’t and that his downfall as all the others.



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