Beautiful You At last ep 105-106


Can I just say what the hell was going on with the delay. Okay now first of all Sung Joon I knew it. You just couldn’t be man enough to let her go could you. I mean she had to practical beg him to let her go. THIS is ridiculous can somebody hand me a glass of water  so I can pour it on Jung Yeon face and then slap her three hundred times or more. You just couldn’t grow up and let fate take a hold could you. She is just digging her own grave  by the second and please I hope her brother doesn’t beat the hell out of her. Somebody or anybody need to just tell her off. I just can’t believe what just happen to all this. Let me bereave for a moment.

images (2)

Okay I’m back from looking at this picture of JH. A lot of people could be mad at him all they want but I love his character. In away its very real to some one that has money a crazy.,psycho mother and sister as well as a weak father. You just couldn’t have a peaceful life being him. The moment his friend walked in his office like a boss thought and he let it slide. I was like here we go and even he knew it was coming. He just didn’t want to believe his own mom would be bullying his ex fiance like this. I mean who would of thought that she had it out for her like this and including his delusional sister. I can’t even get enough of her like the moment she talks I just want a …smack smack. If its just me then oh well I know JH dose he yelled at her telling to get out of his office. His face was like f** this I’m going to the US again and never coming back her again. The fact that he could call his friend out of the blue and get his stuff together is envy on my part. But I hope he knows he going to need a bigger apartment b/c I think So kyung is going to run away with him with her daughter. Its hope people and I’m going to believe it that way. Because I don’t watch unhappy endings.

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These too are the comic relief of the show but they live in their own little world to me. I mean I love their character just wish they had their own drama to themselves.


Did anyone else feel that moment when JH was waiting for hours in the cafe. Then he spots her outside and he smiles for us. I mean my heart just went out for him and the love he held for her their. When he looked down for one minute to find her gone awe my heart drooped at that. The way he search for her thinking it was another of his fantasy. Then he looks up and there she is. So kyung could hid it to everyone else but not him that love and joy in her eye. Its almost like their souls called out for each other.  They sat there  but talking like wounded soulmates  Sk”Why did you waited hours for me” JH” I knew you would come.” That right their is love SUNG JONG in your face. They just completed each other sentence and thought it was heartbreaking to watch. But it was like I know this is what love is. My favorite line  JH ” If afterlife is real then…I’ll marry you then.” Awe you could see him holding his tears in but showing her that he will always love her. An So Yeon she knew exactly what she meant.



Okay lets get back to drama again. SHE DID’NT but yes Jung Yeo did show the video to Sung Jung grandmother. We all have done something that we shouldn’t have done before.  But she crossed the line, open the portal of hell and  the demon has welcoming her in.  I mean wow but hey at least they don’t have a chance to get married now. But wow never would of seen that one at least not yet. But you know JY is desperate to destroy someone life but don’t wait because Karma is coming for you.  Happy dance!!!!

Alright about to go but lets end it with some reassurance. I think deep down So Kyung is going to be in the arms of JH. No matter how hard they try to be apart they are grown ups that don’t need to please nobody but themselves. At the end of the day SK was never happy at all without JH and I think that what she realized. Which is the real reason she couldn’t even dream of marrying SJ.She never loved him but just felt sorry for him in the way he loved her. B/c I don’t believe that SJ loved her in the way JH did. He in truth never could just make her smile because he wanted to see it or need it. So the break up and all this was meant to come to an end.

PS. I’m just saying they could of at least told us why the show wasn’t  airing. I looked EVERYWHERE for EP 106.



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