Marriage Contract Ep 11 & 12 Try not to Cry



Marriage Contract sigh from the title they gave us we already knew to be prepared but I mean from reading the plot  I wasn’t going to watch this drama. But then the cast was like  watch me its going to be good. So I just gave into this drama and I liked it. Its a nice good  drama that is meant to say hi I love you but goodbye and please let me go.  Shall I stop talking about the past and get this show on the road.

I can’t get enough of  Uee as and actor this is just were she shines. You know a lot of people could of acted this role but I think she killed  it. Their the scene on the other episode that she was crying on the street at the bus station bursting her heart when she lost that cell phone. That all those happy time with her husband were gone and best forgotten.  It was like wow this women can act she held everyone heart and their pain in her tears. I mean brilliant.  I kind of in away wished that she would of told Ji hoon what was wrong with her b/c that scene when he cried in that cold back room that she used to stay was heartbreaking. It made him break into a million of pieces and hate himself a little more for all those flashbacks of what he told her. I mean it was like dag you were an arrogant a** that was just trying to save his poor mom.  I just wanted to say everything going to be alright but then you know that’s not true. It was just so sad but I have to say I loved the way he found out. Just by Kang Hye Soo ( Uee) forgetting her bag and her phone. It was like fate playing again. That Ji hoon this amazing guy that was just broken and cold like everyone else that came across him. Found the women he wanted to spend the rest of his life with and couldn’t believe what this doctor was telling him. An first of  all the doctor never contact anyone else that could possible be related to Hye Soo and got mad at Ji hoon I wasn’t to please with that.  Anyway I just loved that he waited for Kang Hye Soo  against the wall and watched  her come in never noticing him but breaking his heart more. It was just so good.



To me the most beautiful people are those that wont let anyone know of pain and smile hoping they’ll forgive them for not telling them their problem. As Kang Hye Soo showed us from her being a mom or that was just her personality was understandable. That she did love the man that is her husband from a marriage contract. I think the love for him started by just his love for his mom  that silent , painful love he held for his mom. The way he would always be around her telling her how he really felt and saw the world. He didn’t lie to her or made false promises he was what he was. I think I loved  Ji hoon the most when he gave her that look that she didn’t see when  Hye Soo was crying in the middle of the street holding his mom hands. I think then he knew Awe this is my women.The women that is my match in every way.  The  way he just touch her hand that was cut from her ex mother in law and he couldn’t understand the way she beg for forgiveness. What stole my heart and loved his character is when he yelled at her saying she was a fool, how good was you decreased husband if he left he debt and burden to her.  I sat there and I wonder that answer and all I could come out with is life. Some people live in a fantasy and other could not possible dream that and I think he wanted to know her more when she said those words to him. ” he was a much better man then you.”

Sorry backtracking again who wants to just punch Ji hoon father. I mean  he need someone to just pound him in the heads couple of times.  But who gave me that relief was Ji hoon mom brother throwing all that money in the hospital. Man I would of picked that up if I couldn’t pay for the hospital bill.



The one character that makes no sense what so ever is this B**. I mean did she wake up one morning and was like I want Ji hoon not his brother. She even had the balls to keep coming back to Ji hoon that doesn’t want her. He even says what are you doing here. All she got is I know its a marriage of convent  and….. She doesn’t  even care about his mother dying nothing but winning that false love from the past. He let go of you a long time ago so just walk away. She really need to be with her pathetic ex that she broke up with.


I wanted anyone to know Hye Soo was sick but not her best friend yet. She just wasn’t ever going to be ready but it was time. That scene was good in Hye Soo said ” tell me everything going to be good say positive things.” Then it went silent to those watching but the moment her friend touch her head was like why you.


Could it have been more sad that she cut her hair to look pretty for her last date. Or for him to know she dying but trying to hid it from  him. He couldn’t understand why she just didn’t tell him but he knew why. Because she is this amazing person that doesn’t want him to be even more hurt then he already is. I loved that he let her stamp the divorce paper and then rip it up in front of her face.  His eye saying where going to get through this together because I love you and I know that you love me. You love him so much don’t you Kang Hye Soo to just want to disappearance from him.





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