Five Children Episode 16 That Kiss!!!


Why was it so hard to find a picture of this amazing drama?  Anyway this is one of the most funny , down to earth and romantic drama that I have seen in awhile. I think everything is well put together from the cast to the script are perfect. They really used their plate form with justice and I love it. Okay lets get down to business. Their was so many scenes  that I love that its hard to start but the moment it began was my favorite. Lee Sang Tae( dad of 2 kids and team leader) kisses An Mi  Jung on the lips and it had me smiling from ear to ear. As well as screaming threw my kindle when she fall on the floor and is embarrassing when she admit that its been awhile. I mean had me laughing and just loving how honest her personality is. Which makes Team leader not feel offended but smile in reassurance and like her more. I was so happy that he finally admitted that he was being affected by her from the way she smile to the way she gets angry. I mean who wouldn’t have fall in love with this strong women that been threw hell with her stupid ex husband and her ex best friend( who need to get water dump on her a couple times).


Wow those too were made for each other just dumb and dumber. Okay I got a little distracted now back to my favorite lead characters.   I love that she went all teen girl crush crazy when she was in the kitchen.  An Mi  Jung just had me dying laughing while she was cutting the chicken and daydreaming about team leader or her man. I mean ” He touch these hands that cut carrot, chicken and potatoes.” she was smiling and shaking them. I just loved it and even team leader couldn’t stop thanking about her when he went home. In his cute night clothes I mean where can I find those nice night wear. Sorry backtrack. Team leader couldn’t help but to kiss her and touch her like a man and I as well as everyone loved that about him. That he knew he couldn’t stop his heart from loving her and just let go of his decreased wife. So that he could move on with the living.  I just can’t wait to see next weeks. Especial the fact that he was eating with all of his family I mean everyone including his In laws and  couldn’t stop thinking about An Mi  Jung his women. I Just died laughing and loving that moment to the fullest. They both are just to cute.

p.s : Can’t wait to see their date and find out if her ex lost the kids.



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