Beautiful You kdrama Thoughts Ep 104 Spolier



Beautiful You 

Okay I want to be completely honest with my hate and love with this drama. Maybe because its so honest and raw of how bitter sweet life is. Its on the real factor rather then this illusion that everything is okay and will be a bucket of rainbows. You know to love someone is very special and a gift but its not just you in the relationship. Your family is a big part of your relationship  and Beautiful you shows that in every way possible. To an intend that pissed me off in love itself.  Okay here we go…



I can’t explain how unrequited love can be beautiful but then very pitiful.  Kim Sung Joon is an example of that very fact. He almost well is this perfect guy for Seo Kyung in the loving her more and is loved by her family more then her in away. To see his character is sometime overwhelming because he too humble to understanding and … list can go on. Its like get angry for once show Seo kyung that side of you. Show her that you are as much mess up as she is and then maybe she wouldn’t feel so shameless. I as much as everyone else knew that he wasn’t the one for her. Something about his not letting her go was almost a need or obsession to have her. Rather then love.  Spoiler Alert – In this episode they are siting in a freaking cafe seeming as thought they are just drinking  tea peacefully. When they are having a breaking point in their relationship that’s bring both pain and hurt to one another. He tells Seo Kyung to lets get back together ( they broke up for 1 day people really ) and let this be a storm but she cannot get out of the storm when it consumer her. It really means when she told him that I can’t lie about loving  Jin Hyung (I loved when she finally admit that to him and herself)  that she will and forever be in love with him. That she can’t marry  him for that simple fact that is huge. No man and that even includes Kim Sung Joon can’t bare his women loving another man. That just unheard of and heart breaking. But he still is in denial and wants her to be with him and I wanted to shake him. He should of let go when Seo kyung waiting for Kim Sung Joon in the hospital.


I have never wanted to slap someone threw my computer so bad but her Jung Yeo.( That’s a lie their been a few villain  characters). Anyway she is so childish that there isn’t words. I mean how could you want them to break up so bad that you gave him the video. I mean that was so low. Like come on don’t you value your love for Sung Joon enough. No I don’t even believe that its love anymore but a game. She has never have something not go her way before so this is her mission as well as her childish, unbearable mother that need to be slap as well. I mean dame that apple doesn’t fall far from the tree fit these to.  How could she want to mess with someone life like that. There could be a book up how unbelievable she was because her brother ex wife was better then her.  I mean she got her man its just it didn’t work out she was spoiled that all and no love was involved.  She needs to let him go as well there is no way in hell Sung Joon will get but with her. I mean even he said he couldn’t forgive her and that was out of his character. She just get on my last nervous and need to grow the hell up. I mean you are a team leader at a company the world doesn’t make sense only to the wealth.  SE- She show the video about Seo kyung  and JH  hugging ( I mean it was a hug not a dag on kiss didn’t she listen to the audio) to the mom that she had on her cell phone really she is a B*** to the extreme.  So next episode will have to deal with the two childish three year old I so don’t want to see them.



I do like and dislike her character because I felt she was to weak. In away she shouldn’t have been in a relationship  after getting her heart broken by her pathetic ex husband. But then this episode happen and her friend which is also her sort a boss says that she is to honest. That when it click in my head that what make it so much real rather then fake. You know in real life we don’t have this easy going personality that call for attention and confidence. There  not that many positive people to surround you and persuade  you to be with a rich person. Its quite the opposite when we think about how little they understand the less lucky people. Her character is both too humble , scared, indifferent , naive but then not. I sort of understand why she was with Sung Joon he gave her this warmth bubble of an illusion that everything was okay. That his family accept her for not only that she isn’t rich , or was married and even a single mother. Just because they knew of her grandfather and Sung Joon like her. I just wished she would of broke it off before her daughter became to fond of SJ. Oh your going to love when she sit with SJ and she tell him to let her go and forget about her (serious  this time).In my way  I think she had enough of fooling herself and her heart about loving his false protection. She would rather stay single for the rest of her life then shamelessly marry him. I want to hug her and say let time heal you and this is the right thing. I mean she still and will always love JH for the fact that he would want her to be happy. The funny thing about Sk is she can try to lie to JH but he knows her much better then anyone else. ( She said that she isn’t unhappy but could barely look at his fine self in the eye. He is just so good to look at) Which make them so right for each other. He and she knows that its his childish mother and her family that has broken their hearts. Which to me is the most saddest thing to come across.

One question and the little hints from this eposide is SK daughter having a relapse. She seem to be sick to me and they need to go to a doctor.I wonder??? but I’ll write next time. Bye.


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