Sekai Ichi Muzukashii Koi Episode 1-2

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This is my show with my favorite member of Arashi Ohno Satoshi aka leader playing Reiji. Who is a successor at a Japanese Inns.  I just love this story line and the awaking of having a crush. Its very fun to watch and it keeps me waiting for the next episode.Its worth it in every way to watch this amazing love comedy. I can’t stop smiling !!!!!


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I like how honest his secretary is to him and she dose it with class. She also hopes for the best for him and encourage him to face his liking Misaki .

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They are both childish but in away the same but Reiji is way better then his rival. The rival is also interested in the same women. Its going to get more  interesting.


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I love that he was trying to get her attention but she daydreaming. While he about to pass out but he so totally like her. Drinking milk just for her so sweet.




Great Teacher Onizuka-GTO JDrama



I love this Drama to the bottom of my heart. There isn’t much words for this show but true to people and how others will view you. But if you believe in yourself and  accept  how  hard life is and make friends for life then its worth it.


From the caste down to the amazing acting was well worth watching all the seasons to this show. I just love this friendship and how they would admire Onizuka and admire his courage to love his students in away no teacher would care or dare to. He really makes you ask yourself why are you a teacher if its not to help your students.


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This student help is a genius but was getting used  by her mom and it was sad. But Onizuka said that he would be sad if she disappeared from this world.Since they are friends and that her life matter to him this is worth watching again. I will have a marathon and tell you more spoiler talk.


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They are wonderful guys that get him in a lot of trouble but the way he hands it is to funny for words.


He walks in like a boss on the first day.




This is what started it all the 1998 Version was incredible you guys. He always has his resignation in his suite pocket.  Just a good main lead in both versions.

Beautiful You EP 115 Preview ARE YOU KIDDING ME


To be honest this  episode 114 was just sad and worrisome but what about that preview for tomorrow. Like what the hell is wrong with everyone. So what if Jin Hyung is donating his bone marrow apparently no one else was offering. I mean kim Seong Joon aka wanna be married to Seo kyung but does he really care about her daughter? Hell no and that’s scary because tomorrow its on if anyone stops Jin Hyung from doing that surgery that war. I mean this is beyond childish this is some one  child life here. Not about are you being the match to was a name child. People this should not be  going on and from Jin Hyung sister and mom its beyond blind of not caring about people anymore.I hope that Jin Hyung dad divorce his wife and disown his daughter because she has been harassing her brother  love life and just the very air he takes.

I just can’t believe this right now.  Like did you guys see when Seo Joon was talking on the phone with Jin Hyung a Hater but like dag. His jealousy is to far b/c Seo Kyung clearly broke up with you. He just gets on my nervous believing that everything okay and dandy here but he has not cried at all. Like dude that creepy at least we all could feel Jin Hyung love for both the mother and daughter. Because the way he love EB is like she should of been his daughter in the first place. People this should be a life lesson to everyone especial to men. If you know that she is the one at first glance don’t Waite two to three years on her grab her then and there. Because you’ll cause her so much pain and regret like Jin Hyung feels but he still loves her in every way. I’m just saying that it shouldn’t be that big of a deal who donating what because at the end he truly loves both of them. So if delusional Seong Joon doesn’t back down from this now then he no better man or person like Jin hyung psycho sister. Maybe those two are actual meant to be together in some weird, damage, demanding way. Beats me I’m voting for Seo Kyung and Jin Hyung to be together at the end in America with Eb.

Marriage Contract Ep 16 Tomorrow isn’t Promise So love me always

images (1)   Favorite moments

I just loved that he came with some flowers and that smile on his face. That he realize loving hye Soo and her daughter was  what he wanted. That he would never regret his decision in choosing them. That it what a man is to me in the end of the day.

*** It was like our heart stooped when the candles had blew out. He just knew that something had happen to hid beloved wife. The true actors in this show were brilliant just for not being able to speak but to show it on their face. Like he sign those paper knowing she would die but holding onto his daughter praying that she would live.  I loved that he just told her thank you and held her hand as she laid in the hospital bed recovering.

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Just moment like this was yes. You really don’t see this a lot in kdrama were the guy just express his love in wanting to touch his wife. To make her feel that everything is going to be okay when their a time limit to being together. That simple love to keep her sickness a secret was touching.It was good in away you wouldn’t want anyone to feel heartbroken by the news. Although that girl could clearly knew something was wrong with hye soo but oh well.


  • I really didn’t like Ji hoon mom because she still to me didn’t understand life. That in away she still has a lot of growing up on her part but hopefully she finds that back home.
  • You just have fathers like Ji hoon  that who only want to be right. That doesn’t believe no one can be mad at them and do as they want. But its not being honest to themselves their just not living.
  • Han Jung Hoon got more then he could chew and had a break down and his mom couldn’t take it anymore. So leaving was for the best.


This right here!!!! Was like lets cry and love each other ever second of everyday. Even thought her sight was going away and their was so much fear. Love. Their simple love did it for me and I really didn’t know what the director was going to give us. I mean everyone was saying sad ending or happy unrealistic ending .

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I was happy that they had went to the amusement park  and every scene was perfect. Because Ji Hoon was right tomorrow isn’t promise all you have is here and now. Let those just be your happy moments and love. To truly love them and hold no regret is the best way to live. I liked the ending because it was life itself never knowing if your going to be with the person you want to grow old with. Just living, smiling and feeling happy is all we really can do.

P.S.This was the last episode and the end of my review on Marriage contract. I love all the actors on this show and hope to see them in another drama.

The promise episode 58 Delusional KangTae joon



Okay lets recap to yesterday who all loved that laugh she gave to Jang Kyung Wan aka her real father who clueless and thinks he has  the balls since he’s the president of Company. I loved she said I want your company and laugh. I mean Baek Do hee aka Na Yeon is amazing and I loved her even more at that. If you think about her revenge is going to be all the way people. She has nothing to hold her back maybe her past family but not really. So that was the only thing that made my day yesterday.


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He’s a waste of time he really is… getting on my last nervous I can’t wait until Na Yeon Slays you…..

A man that doesn’t care about his ex girlfriend and child being killed is unreasonable. There really isn’t much words to describe such a character as kang tae Joon. The man never had balls the moment his wife was destroying his  Na Yeon life on purpose. He was okay with that and even wanted to throw all of it away for  her. I really don’t understand the same guy that could become a puppet to his wife family and want everyone pity. But ..No the moment he suspects his ex girlfriend coming from the dead he all ready to become the boss. Demanding her do this and stay out of his way BUT  a few episode buddy you were completely pathetic. Thinking he couldn’t go on without his ex and unhappy to be married with that annoying childish wife of his. Like come one Tae Joon make up your mind already  either be happy with you crazy wife or have a fighting battle with Baeko Do Hee because she the only women that can make you feel any emotion.


We can go on and on about how stupid some of the character are but ……you got to love childish con couple who expected a baby. Sadly they will have a evil mother in law that love scamming people and feeling pathetic once done evil deeds. Shaking my head what at shame . Payback will slayer her as well.

Okay another good point about this episode is our  clueless little duck Park Hwi Kyung. This guy is so sad to me he’s too naive for a guy.He really is I mean he should of knew that wasn’t his girl when he first say her in the hospital bed. Just shaking my head that he found out the possibility with his tearful eyes.  We all know its going to be a couple episode later but I hope he teams up with her and Baek Do Hee Mom. Seriously !!!!

Goodbye until Monday hopefully its worth the week end wait.



The Promise Review So Far Ep 44-53



I know revenge drama can become a pain but Lee Yu-Ri has never failed me yet. She is a work of art on both pay back and pulling off the innocent role to take over women. She has played lead on a number of drama  Ice Adonis, Twinkle Twinkle , I love you don’t cry and my favorite Daring women.

Okay I’m not going to lie but the way Do hee die was like are you kidding me. I mean I WANTED more at least for her to put the pieces together. You know after giving her sister her clothes and telling her to go find her family. I really wish she would of left with her sister they could of escape together but … it happens. That part when Lee Na Yeon went back to her sister when the smoke consume the hospital was sweet. It was sad but it was more then enough love for her sister that she didn’t get to know. Man I sometime wish things went a different direction. Like Do hee mom she knows in her gut that its not her daughter. She knows but just doesn’t want to register it. Horrible isn’t it. Who loved that part when Lee Na Yeon got had that dream about her daughter and sister. Awe so sad but she woke up with  all her memory and that was good. She just went crazy when she saw that they both die. I loved that part when she feel about and you could feel her revenge. She really wanted to kill them and she should of but…. Park Hwi Kyung found her. In away his character is a little to pure for me. What I mean is like Do hee said that he would choose his family over her. It was like all the respect I could of had for him was corrupted in that moment. He should of release   the story at a least for the wrong of it all. It wasn’t right.

Did anyone else love how fast her revenge Lee Na Yeon began when her story got dropped. It pissed me off a tone that you would ditch her story for that old drama  with the president. Seriously that made NO Sense  to me.  Okay forward three episode later.

Park Yoo kyung the evil mother that is just to greed to be human. She is just beyond killing people that gets in her way and hated her son in law. Like What. She need help but its okay Lee Na Yeo has a surprise for her. She scared the hell out of her and I loved that smile on her face. It was worth it that little thrill Na Yeo felt BUT I fee sorry for her. B/c nothing is going to be enough for her nothing but their death. It amazing thought how people with power are so evil wanting everything to go their way. It so sad.


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We could talk about this horrible jerk all day people but he is a fool. She gave him everything all the love in the world but he wanted more. Something he should of never had wanted. Kang Tae Joon he pretend to be all weak to his wife but inside lays a monster waiting to take everything. But he will of course be fooled by the fake Do hee. Its just in his nature because I declare Lee Na Yeon was the only one that made him feel anything.  He going to be lost and drawn in her seduction to him and right when she has him she’ll destroy him. But I think that they work as a  team to kick everyone out of the company and then she’ll betray him.  How come he didn’t just break of her five years ago? What was the point in having the affair when you didn’t love Na Yeon at all? The least he could of done was protect his daughter but he didn’t care about her.

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I could tell you one thing the game is going to began. An I can’t wait for the plan she has for us. I just wish that Do hee mom get it together and help Na Yeon revenge both her sister and daughter. I mean we don’t need dead wait people and her father would have her back so. ….. HELP is always needed.

I really can’t stand Oh Man Jang just go somewhere please….nobody care for you.  Can’t wait for next week with Tae Joon moving to the AP foods and Do hee plan coming along. She could all but be having a spell on everyone sadly even Park Hwi Kyung. I think his subconscious know her true identity but he doesn’t want to believe it. He just doesn’t and that his downfall as all the others.