The best Kdrama so far …. My love Eun Dong!!!! Sorry spoiler talk

Amazing Acting and Just good writing.

How I feel about this show is one word LOVE. The show itself is very realistic and its actors are portraying the characters spot on.  There are so many amazing moments that are for us to see. Like the moment when Ji Eun Ho see Eun Dong for the first time and just break down in tears.


I mean that right there he needs an award because I felt his pain and joy at the same time. There another one that kind of grabs my heart and make me envy that kind of love. Its the one where his manger trick Eun ho in meeting the writer ( Eun Dong) in a restaurant. The moment he took a deep breath before going up to her I was with him. When they just started talking it was like seeing magic field their little bubble. I just couldn’t help but love watching him make her laugh. I also enjoy the fact that Eun Dong character is calm, easy going, respective of others and other amazing words.  There  just so many drama were the main girl leads are just to annoying or to much. But Eun Dong is lovable to the very end and that why Ji Eun ho loves her.

Just look at these to match made in heaven couple…. 

Okay before I go does anyone kind of mad about episode 14?I mean come on why did Choi Jae Ho choose that way to escape from his problem. I’m just mad about that  because he never thought that it wasn’t okay to steal Eun Dong life from her. I mean not once. He didn’t think about what she wanted or felt bad about betraying her. I really couldn’t feel sorry for Choi Jae Ho no matter how much Park Hyun Ah felt. I was never deceived  by his words because he did wrong to both his wife and “his son”.  Some might feel something for him but I was always on  Ji Eun Ho side always.

P.S : Isn’t Joo Jin -Mo just good to look at???


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